The Llama Village


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Small parts.
Building Instructions

Minecraft® adventures at the llama village

Bring adventures with Minecraft® llamas into the real world with this hands-on, endlessly reconfigurable, fun-packed playset.

Endless fun, inside and out

The llama village is bursting with characters, accessories and features to inspire imaginative play and cool displays.

The Llama Village

6 customisable modules

Reconfigure the play space by placing the modules anywhere.

Pillager action

Use your weapons to fend off the pillagers.

Make the llama ‘spit’!

Kids can make the big llama ‘spit’ at the hostile mobs.

Open up for more adventures

The big llama opens to reveal furnished rooms inside.

Animals to care for

Look after the llama, baby llama and baby sheep.

Familiar Minecraft® characters

The playset comes with 6 figures and 3 mobs.

Versatile gift for Minecraft® players

This inside-and-out, play-and-display LEGO® Minecraft® set combines easily with other sets in the range for even more fun.
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