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12 Best Arts & Crafts Toys for Christmas

12 Best Arts & Crafts Toys for Christmas

With the holiday season blowing in, there’s no better time for kids and adults alike to get comfy and cozy with a great arts and crafts project.

These LEGO® Art sets are packed with rebuildable creativity for bringing out the best in young arts and crafts lovers. What will they build?

LEGO® DREAMZzz™ – Stable of Dream Creatures

Encourage kids aged 8 and up to explore the whimsical dream world with the LEGO DREAMZzz™ Stable of Dream Creatures building set. Featuring a deer that can be decorated in 2 ways, it’s a great holiday gift for kids who love crafting.

Inspired by the exciting LEGO DREAMZzz TV show, the building set allows kids to meet mythical creatures and nurture magical flowers. Brimming with magical details that encourage imaginations to bloom, artistic kids will love decorating the deer toy as a flying pegasus or a beautiful forest guardian by swapping its antlers with flowers from the stable.

LEGO® Art – The Great Wave

Inspire creativity with the LEGO Art The Great Wave building set. Designed for adults, this set makes a thoughtful holiday gift for artists, art lovers and admirers of Japanese culture.

Based on Hokusai’s iconic artwork, this building set lets art lovers recreate one of the world’s most renowned prints. Featuring layers of LEGO bricks to emulate the boldness of the original piece, the meticulously detailed set has a striking 3D effect and includes a decorative tile printed with Hokusai’s signature. Once complete, it becomes a stunning piece of home decor that can be proudly displayed in any home or office.

LEGO® Art – Floral Art

Adult arts and crafts fans can indulge in their passions for flowers and art with this stunning LEGO Art set!

Choose from 15 unique floral designs in 3 beautiful motifs to create and display around your home for endless possibilities. As soon as you feel like changing up your decor, simply choose a different design from this versatile set!

The 2,870-piece kit features everything you need to immerse yourself in this relaxing mindful project, including 6 brick baseplates, a brick-built frame, color palette, brick remover and 2 hanger elements.

LEGO® Art – Modern Art

Let a loved one explore their creative potential with this LEGO Modern Art building set for adults, which is a thoughtful holiday gift for craft enthusiasts and lovers of contemporary art.

Offering endless building opportunities, the set includes an array of colorful elements in a variety of shapes such as rectangles, triangles and circles. Builders can unleash their creativity and use these elements to build and rebuild unlimited abstract art creations. The set also includes a hanger element, making it easy for the aspiring artist to proudly display their favorite creation at home or in their office.

LEGO® Sunflowers

Bring a touch of summer to the holidays with the LEGO Sunflowers building set. Suitable for budding florists aged 8 and up, these brick-built blooms are a thoughtful holiday gift for flower lovers and craft enthusiasts.

Floral fanatics will love getting immersed in a nature-inspired project and crafting this vibrant posy, which includes 2 sunflowers and adjustable stems with leaves. Once complete, the blooms become a beautiful piece of home decor and can be arranged alongside other LEGO flower building sets (sold separately) to create a colorful bouquet that will never need to be watered.

LEGO® Lotus Flowers

Let creativity blossom this holiday season with the LEGO Lotus Flowers building set. Featuring 3 pastel-colored blooms, it’s a thoughtful gift for kids aged 8 and up, as well as adults who love getting crafty.

Aspiring florists will love creating 2 beautiful lotus flowers in bloom and 1 lotus flower in bud with this nature-inspired set. The flowers come in delicate shades of pink and white and include long green stems with leaves, making them easy to arrange and display once complete. They can also be combined with other buildable LEGO flowers (sold separately) to create a larger, colorful flower arrangement that will never wilt.

LEGO® Classic – Build Together

Encourage young builders and their loved ones to bond over bricks with this LEGO Classic Build Together building set. Designed for kids aged 5 and up, the set is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family this holiday season.

Providing hours of building fun for kids and their families, the set includes 5 LEGO baseplates, 20 mini build ideas, 4 standard build ideas, building challenges and extra bricks for creative building. Picture instructions are easy to follow, making it a great holiday gift for first-time builders, and it comes with 4 separate building guides to make group work easy. Awesome build ideas include a guitar, dragon, dinosaur and castle!

LEGO® Classic – Creative Color Fun

Add a splash of color to the holidays with the LEGO Classic Creative Color Fun building set. A fun holiday gift for kids aged 5 and up, it encourages young builders to unleash their inner artist and immerse themselves in color.

Featuring 1,500 LEGO bricks in an array of vibrant shades, the playset is bursting with arts and crafts possibilities. Clear picture guides are included to kick-start creativity and help kids craft models including an octopus, rocket and shoe before customizing them with cool elements such as wheels and eyes. They can then unleash their imagination and express themselves by creating their very own colorful designs.

LEGO® Icons Wildflower Bouquet

Let creativity grow freely this holiday season with the LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet, which makes a beautiful gift for adults who love to craft, plus aspiring florists and flower lovers.

Bursting with vibrant colors, the buildable bouquet features 8 species of wildflower, including Welsh poppies, lupins and lavender. Each flower has an adjustable stem, making it easy to create a customized bouquet by tailoring the heights of the blooms and experimenting with different arrangements. Once complete, it becomes a piece of floral home decor that will bring nature-inspired joy to any room or office.

LEGO® Icons – Dried Flower Centerpiece

Want to give a loved one a bouquet that will last forever this holiday season? The LEGO Icons Dried Flower Centerpiece is a beautiful holiday gift that’s sure to delight crafters and budding florists.

An immersive project for craft lovers, the building set is blooming with vibrant flowers inspired by the colors of fall and features a gerbera and rose as its focal point. It also features a split design which allows 2 people to build it at the same time, making it a thoughtful gift for couples or families, who can bond over blooms. Once complete, it can be displayed as a striking floral table centerpiece or hung as nature-inspired wall decor.

LEGO® Ideas Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night

Inspire a loved one with the LEGO Ideas Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night building set for adults, which makes a great gift for art aficionados.

Based on the Dutch artist’s iconic painting, the set includes clever building techniques to mirror the swirling clouds and rolling hills of the original masterpiece, allowing art lovers to reinterpret van Gogh’s brushstrokes with bricks. It also comes with a minifigure of van Gogh, whose accessories include a paintbrush, palette and easel. Once complete, the set becomes a stunning piece of home decor that will add a touch of art magic to any room or office.

LEGO® | Disney – 100 Years of Disney Animation Icons

Spread Disney magic this holiday season with the LEGO | Disney 100 Years of Disney Animation Icons building set for kids aged 6 and up.

Designed to celebrate 100 years of Disney, the building set is an ode to some of Disney’s most well-loved characters. With 72 icon designs to choose from, kids can use the plates to craft 12 of their favorite Disney characters at once, including Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Goofy, Snow White and Elsa. It also includes a LEGO | Disney Mickey Mouse minifigure decorated exclusively for this set, holding a brush and palette. Once they’ve finished playing, kids can proudly display their creation using the picture frame and hanger elements.

Are you shopping for people whose interests lie in science rather than arts and crafts? We’ve got you covered.

Find jaw-dropping Christmas gifts for all your loved ones, whether they go wild for STEM or are passionate about getting creative with Minecraft – there’s a LEGO® set for everyone!

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