Top 7 LEGO® Cat Toys for Kids

The Top 7 LEGO® Cat Toys for Kids

Cats are great pets – and great toys! Feline fans of all ages will love playing with these LEGO® cats and getting their paws on the very best cat toys around.

Create exciting new adventures and tell hilarious animal ‘tails’ by collecting the whole ‘kitten caboodle’!


Cat lovers will adore this cute cat duo! With a sweet little kitten and a parent cat in a teal scarf, they’re great for display in any child’s bedroom or alongside other BrickHeadz™ models.

The figures sit in a decorated purple basket with an interchangeable design and on a study baseplate, ready to show off.

LEGO® DOTS – Candy Kitty Bracelet & Bag Tag

Take a love of cats on the go with this sweet Candy Kitty set! The bracelet is ready for design with lots of swirly, sprinkly, pastel-coloured tiles and lots of options. Take it apart and rebuild at a moment’s notice to keep it fashionable or to match your mood!

Then accessorize with the expressive kitten bag tag. Change up the look with different pieces and combine with other DOTS sets to create a customized look for your bag pet – the options are endless.

LEGO DUPLO – Farm Animal Care

This pussycat’s got some pals! Introduce young builders aged two and up to a whole barnyard’s worth of fun with the cat, sheep, pig and duck DUPLO® figures.

The set comes with accessories such as a bright yellow flower and a realistically textured hay bale as well as a trough, so kids can grow their knowledge and build fine motor skills as they play with the pieces.

LEGO® Monkie Kid™ – White Dragon Horse Jet

Mo the cat takes charge in this fight against the Spider Queen’s Huntsman and the poisonous robotic spider – and check out his cool orange mohawk!

Join him and Mei in the sleek White Dragon Horse Jet with its two spring-loaded shooters and two stud launchers, as well as Mo’s colorful hoverboard with its own weaponry. After taking on the bad guys, check out the working vending machine where you can ‘scan’ the phone element and dispense drinks cans.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The First Adventure

Take the adventures to the next level with this multi-story Minecraft action set. There’s a cool dyed cat to befriend, as well as a horned sheep and a flowery moobloom, but there’s also danger to contend with in the form of two skeletons armed with bows.

Alex and Steve minifigures can take them on directly with weapon accessories, or make use of the interactive environment to escape on the minecart, climb the waterfall lift to safety, or trick them into some of the collapsing or exploding blocks to get rid of them for good.

LEGO Friends – Cat Grooming Car

The cat grooming car lets kids join LEGO Friends Emma and Mia as they stop around town, picking up cats in need of a trim and swooping by the salon for a kitty pampering session.

The set features cat and kitten toys for endless roleplay fun, as well as a Starter Brick base to help speed up the building. Then pull out the cute accessories like a cat biscuit, a kitten feeding bottle, and a brush and scissors to give the cats a makeover.

LEGO BrickHeadz™ – Shorthair Cats

LEGO BrickHeadz™ are the best way to show off your love of cats in an elegant display – it’ll have you purring with delight!

The adult shorthair cat has a bow tie and a movable tail, while the cute kitten is set on a sturdy baseplate in a decorated basket.

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