…it’s their wildest wishes. LEGO® bricks are the perfect holiday gift idea for kids of all ages. You’re not giving your kids a building block. You’re helping them build their own endless, creative universe. Scroll down to start.

For Your Young Star Wars™ X-Wing Starfighter™ Pilot

Be in the cockpit when your child destroys the Death Star™. Start their Rebel training here with LEGO® Star Wars™ toys for kids ages 6+.

LEGO® City Police Toys for Ages 6+

If your child says it’s Bring Your Parent to Work day at the LEGO® City Police patrol, buckle up and enjoy the ride-along. Find the perfect sets for ages 6+.

LEGO® Classic Bricks for Kids Ages 4-104

Want to meet your kid’s new best friend? LEGO® Classic sets are perfect for endless creative free-building for kids and grown-ups ages 4+.

Race Cars with LEGO® Friends for Kids Ages 5+

Feel the joy of sweaty helmet hair and the smell of smoking tires – join your kids on the racetrack with toy cars from LEGO® Friends.

Toy Horses, Nature Activities and Wild Camping Fun

How to get your kids to play outdoors: Bring your whole family back to nature with LEGO® Friends sets for kids ages 6+.

LEGO® Jurassic World™: Fallen Kingdom Toys for Ages 7+

Family sports, anyone? There’s nothing like a brisk/panicked escape from a rampaging dinosaur toy to help your whole family stay fit.

Creative LEGO® Toys and Gift Ideas for Kids – Buy Online

Shop for creative building sets with classic kids’ favorites like toy horses, race cars, dinosaurs, police cars, and LEGO® Star Wars™.

LEGO® Toys – Find their wildest wishes by category

Looking for toy cars, toy animals, dinosaurs, STEM toys, or something completely different? It’s easy to find the right gift. Get a quick overview of our Passion Points and Categories, or contact Customer Service.