FREE LEGO® City Minifigure Pack*Shop now

FREE LEGO® City Minifigure Pack*Shop now

Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes

LEGO® DUPLO® Songs provide a great opportunity to spend valuable time with your little ones.

Embrace the Wild Life

It’s not like you can keep an elephant, panda or lion as a pet… Or CAN you? Find the perfect playset for your young explorer’s wild imagination.

All aboard!

The new LEGO® DUPLO® Steam Train has arrived and is ready for hours of Create & Connect fun!

Be Creative with LEGO® DUPLO® Toddler Toys

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  • Modular Playhouse

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  • Deluxe Brick Box

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  • Bakery

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  • Alphabet Truck

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    Price369,00 kr
  • Playroom

    Price189,00 kr
  • Heart Box

    Price259,00 kr
  • Fire Truck

    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Price69,00 kr
  • Elsa and Olaf's Tea Party

    Average rating1out of 5 stars
    Price259,00 kr
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Learning Through Play with LEGO® DUPLO®

Kids practice lasting life skills through play and creativity. Find out how LEGO® DUPLO® building bricks and toddler learning toys support your little one’s developmental milestones, one brick at a time.

Play Ideas and Learning Games for Kids

Creative toys can be so simple. Just a few LEGO® DUPLO® building bricks can spark endless play ideas for learning games for your older baby, toddler or preschooler. Get our latest tips for on-the-go, free games, play date, or kids’ birthday party games and activities.

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