8 Best LEGO® Minecraft® Toys for Christmas

Take gaming outside the box this Holiday season as Minecraft® jumps straight out of the screen into playtime! Join iconic heroes Steve and Alex and their friends as they build up wild new adventures in different biomes from the instantly recognizable Minecraft world design – and get a gamer playing their favorite stories in real life!

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Red Barn

Bring the Minecraft game’s iconic red barn into the real world with LEGO® Minecraft The Red Barn! Kids aged 9 and up will love entering the video game world with this reconfigurable set.

Grow vegetables outside the barn, including potatoes that pop out of the ground at the turn of a knob, and care for the farm animals. But beware – there’s a dangerous zombie taking the chicken for a ride, and players must help the rancher defeat it before it causes any harm!

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Llama Village

Test the limits of your imagination and be transported to the LEGO Minecraft Llama Village this Christmas!

The big llama opens to reveal fully furnished rooms inside, perfect for exploring and customizing. Featuring a cast of classic Minecraft characters, including a llama herder, blacksmith villager, pillager, llama and baby llama, kids aged 9+ can immerse themselves in the action for hours of Minecraft adventures.

Watch out for the pillager attack – pull the tab on the back of the big llama’s head and watch it ‘spit’ at the hostile mobs!

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Ice Castle

When your icy base is attacked by skeletons and zombies, will you help the Royal Warrior defend the castle?

The magnificent LEGO Minecraft Ice Castle puts all the action into the hands of players aged 8+. Climb the towers to look for the enemy, then use the launcher to fire arrows as they advance. When the battle is over, brew healing potions in the cauldron and get supplies from the chest behind the throne ready for the next attack!

“I would build this with my sister, because she’s good at it and really likes Minecraft, and then she could help me.” Adriana, 8 years old

Packed with endless opportunities for fun, this LEGO Minecraft toy is the perfect Christmas gift for young fans with big imaginations.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Abandoned Village

Get ready to experience all the battle action and creative construction of your favorite game with the hands-on LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Village! This versatile Minecraft toy features 4 sections: a zombie hunter’s home, a zombie villager’s workplace, a zombie farmer’s pumpkin patch and a creepy abandoned house.

Grab your sword and reclaim the abandoned village from the zombies, battling the zombie villager and capturing the abandoned house! Now you can rebuild the village in your own awesome style. Clear the cobwebs, combine the different buildings and build a campfire – it’s time to plan your next adventure!

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Skeleton Dungeon

Ready your pickaxe and explore the stalagmites of the dripstone cave, but beware of the 2 skeletons in the dungeon below. Climb down the dripleaves of the lush cave to battle the skeletons with your crossbow, and be careful – a spin of the spawner causes another scary skeleton to appear, wearing enchanted armor!

This action-packed LEGO Minecraft playset featuring caves to explore, skeletons to battle and a fun skeleton-spawning function is the best Christmas gift for Minecraft players aged 8+.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Fox Lodge

Take creativity to the next level this Christmas and craft a house designed like a sleeping fox! Open the back and lift the roof to rearrange the furniture, and feed the furry fox visitors with berries. When the drowned zombie arrives to wreak havoc, kids must fend it off with a sword before exchanging that for a rod and enjoying a spot of fishing!

Cool characters, authentic accessories and endless play possibilities make LEGO Minecraft The Fox Lodge an ideal gift for kids aged 8 and up.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Modern Treehouse

Don’t let the fun stop when you log off – bring online adventures into the real world with this exciting modular playset!

There are 4 unique rooms to construct and configure around a towering tree structure. Fans will recognize the Charged Creeper™ figure, panda skin, ocelot skin, zombie, cat and chicken from the online game!

The best part is that this versatile set can be rebuilt and rearranged time and time again for endless creative adventures!

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LEGO® Minecraft® – The Training Grounds

With 534 action-packed pieces, the LEGO Minecraft Training Grounds will enchant any child who enjoys creative construction and imaginative play.

Join the Minecraft warriors to train in the dojo upstairs, then head downstairs to the blacksmith’s cave to craft and repair weapons! Sneak through the trapdoor, operated by pushing a block beneath the tree, and keep an eye out for the marauding skeleton.

When the player feels like a change, the levels separate and reconfigure to create a whole new play experience for a Christmas gift that keeps on giving!

Our list of the best Minecraft toys this Christmas should help you find the perfect present for the gamer in your life. For your loved ones with different interests, why not explore our other themes to find something really special – from Star Wars and Harry Potter™ to dragons and space, we’ve got you covered!

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