Unique Father’s Day Gifts 2024

LEGO® Father's Day 2024

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Unique Father’s Day Gifts 2024

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show the male role models in our lives how much we care. With the special day fast approaching, it’s time to start looking for the perfect gift to show your love and appreciation.

Whatever his interests, there are plenty of LEGO® gifts that are sure to put a smile on his face. Take a look at our ultimate list of the best unique gifts for Father’s Day 2024.

LEGO® Technic Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance

Dads can put their pedal to the metal with the LEGO® Technic Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance (42171) building set, perfect for motorsports fans and car enthusiasts. This authentic 1:8 scale model features all the details from the real-life car from the 2023 racing season.

With 1,642 pieces, this set provides a memorable building experience. Dad can get to grips with the steering and suspension, realistic details like the 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons, and the opening wing inspired by the real car.

Once built, it also makes an eye-catching display piece for the home or the office that he can always be proud of.

LEGO® Icons Medieval Town Square

Take a journey back in time this Father’s Day with the LEGO® Icons Medieval Town Square (10332). Dads can immerse themselves in the bustling atmosphere of a quaint town square of a medieval-style village. They’ll love constructing age-old buildings with meticulous detail.

This 3,304-piece set is perfect for group building, or as a fun project for Dad to tackle on his own. It comes with buildable historical features, including a farmhouse, a cheese factory, an inn, a shield maker’s workshop and a watchtower. Dads can also bring the scene to life with eight minifigure characters, including a crook, a carpenter, a shield maker and more. The set also includes animal figures of a cat, a squirrel and even a LEGO goat!

Other sets you might like

LEGO® Icons The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell™

This LEGO® Icons The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell™ (10316) collectible set is the perfect gift for Dads who love the The Lord of the Rings™ trilogy. Enter the fantasy world of Middle-earth™ and watch the story come to life brick-by-brick.

Made up of an impressive 6,167 pieces, this one will definitely be a project that will stand the test of time. Bring famous scenes to life with a set filled with realistic details fans will love. Dads can decorate the set with foliage, an elven forge, paintings, statues, plus 15 minifigures of iconic characters from the LOTR universe.

LEGO® Icons NASA Artemis Space Launch System

Embark on a creative project with the premium LEGO® Icons NASA Artemis Space Launch System (10341) model building kit. Enjoy a mindful building experience as you craft this NASA-inspired set, including a multistage rocket with two solid-fuel boosters, an Orion capsule and a detailed mobile launch tower.

This accurate replica of the Artemis Space Launch System depicts real launch systems and includes retractable launch tower umbilicals, rocket support and crew bridge, detachable solid-fuel boosters and separating rocket stages. The set also includes a model of the Orion module with foldout solar panels, which can be placed inside the rocket or on a separate display stand. A printed plaque adds the finishing touch to this impressive model, perfect for home and office décor.

Fathers can find space for relaxing activities with the inspiring range of LEGO building sets for adults. The LEGO Builder app features a digital version of the building instructions included with this set.

LEGO® Ideas Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera

Lights, camera, action! This brick-built LEGO® Ideas Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera (21345) model is perfect for artistic dads who love snapping photos, photography fanatics, or just those with an appreciation for beautiful design.

Dad can jump into nostalgia with this realistic brick-built model. After it’s built, he can pick one of the photo elements, load it into the model, press the shutter, and the photo will eject, just like a real camera does. This set also comes with a viewfinder, colour spectrum, exposure compensation dial and three illustrated photo elements, as well as a film pack and storage.

LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man’s Mask

Is your dad a die-hard Marvel fan? Give him a fun building experience with this brick-built LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man’s Mask (76285). He’ll love watching this recognisable character come to life brick by brick.

The final model will stand over 19 cm tall. He can place it on the included stand to act as a centrepiece after the project is completed and use the nameplate as a finishing touch.

LEGO® Icons Natural History Museum

If Dad is a history buff, he’ll love the LEGO® Icons Natural History Museum (10326). The set includes fun details like a curator’s office, a massive brachiosaurus skeleton, and even an exhibit referencing LEGO sets from the past.

Dad can also install skylights that allow natural light to shine on the two levels of the museum, and seven minifigures to position around the building. This set is part of the LEGO Modular Buildings collection, so he can create a stunning street scene with other sets in the collection (sold separately).

LEGO® Icons Concorde

Aviation enthusiasts will love this LEGO® Icons replica of the world’s most famous supersonic commercial passenger aeroplane, the Concorde (10318).

This Father’s Day, Dad can embark on a relaxing, immersive journey crafting this model of an engineering masterpiece. Just like the real supersonic passenger jet, the set features a tiltable droop nose, functional landing gear, a retractable tail bumper wheel, delta wings and hinged upper and lower rudders.

Once built, this model makes a fantastic display piece, either at home or in the office.

LEGO® Ideas Family Tree

This LEGO® Ideas Family Tree (21346) display stand is a fun project that’s all about family and perfect for building together – most appropriate for Father’s Day.

This set comes with 16 hanging holders to display photos, messages and other mementos. Dad can also use the included accessories like birds, birdhouses, flowers and other equipment to decorate the scene to his liking.

LEGO® Architecture Notre-Dame de Paris

Experience every stage in the development of an iconic Paris landmark with the collectible LEGO® Architecture Notre-Dame de Paris (21061) building set for adults. This architectural model takes you on a historic building journey beginning in 1163, when the first stone was laid, all the way through architect Viollet-le-Duc’s redesign work in the 19th century to Notre-Dame’s majestic appearance before the fire of 2019.

Recreate authentic details such as the curved rear of the building, bell towers, rose windows and the central spire surrounded by statues, and add the nameplate to complete a spectacular display model of Notre-Dame. Remove the roof of your creation to admire the interior columns and arches, and lift off the towers to take a closer look inside.

This LEGO Architecture set makes the best LEGO gift for any creative adults who are lovers of history, architecture, art, travel or France, and it’s the perfect Paris souvenir.

Are you still looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift?

We’ve listed some great options for unique Father's Day gifts for the dads in your life, but we have so many more LEGO® sets on offer if you’re looking for something different. Whether he’s a LEGO beginner or a Brick Master in the making, there’s something to appeal to every interest, including sport, travel & history, vehicles and entertainment.