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Batman Toys | LEGO DC


LEGO® DC Batman™ always works alone. And also sometimes with other super heroes. And über-LEGO Batman fans. Find everything you need to know about his awesome adventures right here.

KAPOW! What makes LEGO® DC Batman™ toys so cool?

Always be yourself. Unless you can be LEGO® DC Batman™. Then be LEGO Batman. Bruce Wayne™ by day, the coolest Caped Crusader™ in the history of super heroes by night. At least if you ask him. The modest billionaire turned awesome vigilante in shiny black plastic was born to banish crime from the streets of Gotham City™, one infamous Super-Villain at a time, with all his amazing gadgets. And a LITTLE help from friends.
LEGO DC Batman sets are based on iconic heroes, Super-Villains, buildings, vehicles, and scenes from the DC universe and THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, with all the action, humor, and fun kids will recognize from their favorite stories. All sets can be combined or rebuilt to create any adventure your own super hero can imagine.
Batmobile™: Pursuit of The Joker™ - 76119

Batmobile™: Pursuit of The Joker™

A classic Batmobile™ model to role-play a Batman™ vs. The Joker™ street pursuit!

Hidden Batmobile™ features

Batmobile™ features an opening minifigure cockpit with detailed dashboard, 2 hidden, foldout stud shooters, opening hood with brick-built engine inside, automatic spinning flame exhaust element function, wheel trims with Bat symbol decoration, 2 batwings and translucent yellow and red light elements.

Batcave™ Clayface™ Invasion

Exciting LEGO® Batcave™ toy for super hero vs. Super-Villain role-play action!

Batcave™ Clayface™ Invasion Bat-Tank™

Bat-Tank™ features an opening minifigure cockpit, rotating turret with 4 flick missiles, plus a detachable stud shooter and hook shooter.
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76122 Batcave™ Clayface™ Invasion

Inspire kids to create their own thrilling stories with this 1,037-piece LEGO® DC Batman™ 76122 Batcave™ Clayface™ Invasion construction toy.

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