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Jazz Club

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Building Instructions

Get your ticket to the hottest show around

Tuneful trio

Musician minifigures include a jazz singer, bassist and drummer.

Rooftop garden

Grow produce for the kitchen in the greenhouse.

Post-show pizza

Enjoy a meal from the pavement café after a performance.

A night of music – and magic too

Discover quirky stories and colourful characters in the latest addition to the LEGO® Modular Buildings Collection.

The coolest venue in town

Inspired by classic architecture and infused with lively music from the golden era of jazz.

Set the scene for creativity

With eight minifigures, it’s a melting pot of passionate performers, chefs and guests.

The perfect jam session

Unwind and recharge with a mindfully musical building experience.

The History of LEGO® Modular Buildings

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