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One mould to rule them all - making the Rivendell armory!

One mold to rule them all - making the Rivendell armory!

When the design team were tasked with transforming the Elven Valley of Rivendell™ into a LEGO® Icons set, they wanted to get as much authenticity into the design as possible. A place of ultimate significance, Rivendell is where the fellowship was founded and where our heroes began their epic journey through Middle-earth™, making this the perfect opportunity to recreate some movie magic.

With 15 minifigures and 6,167 pieces (making it one of the top 10 biggest LEGO® sets of all time!), The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell™ set is packed with incredible details and multiple new elements, designed specifically for this set. For the first time ever in LEGO style, there’s Bilbo’s iconic sword Sting, the Shards of Narsil™, multiple dwarven axes, elven blades and even a new helmet for Gimli™!

Element designer Yoel Mazur tells us how his team designed these new elements that helped take the Rivendell set to the next level. From resculpting helmets to designing unique weapons to fit a single mold! The process behind designing these elements was almost as epic as the journey they depict…almost.

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