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Why motorcycle fans will love the new LEGO® Technic™ Yamaha MT-10 SP

Why motorcycle fans will love the new LEGO® Technic™ Yamaha MT-10 SP

It probably comes as no surprise that our LEGO® designers love nothing more than a challenge. Whether it’s striving to make sets bigger or more realistic, they love to push the idea of what a LEGO set can be.

So, when we decided to create a new LEGO Technic™ set based on the Yamaha MT-10 SP motorcycle, our designers wanted to push into new ground.

After all, the Yamaha MT-10 SP is a ground-breaking motorcycle. A flagship bike in the MT series that’s known for its attitude, its agility and its Hyper Naked styling.

To honor this exceptional motorcycle, we wanted to create a set with a more detailed engine and one of the most technically complicated gearboxes we’ve ever built.

This was a challenge that designer Lars Thygesen, a motorcycle enthusiast who has worked for the LEGO Group for over 30 years, was eager to meet.

Next-level realism needs new elements

“We knew we wanted to make a gearbox that’s realistic to how a real gearbox in a motorcycle works,” says Lars. “To do this, we designed a set of new elements.”

“There are four new elements in the gearbox. One of them is what we call a shifter drum. There’s also a ratchet wheel, which looks like a gear wheel divided in eight. Then there is a gear shift fork and a gear shifter.”

Creating new elements is always exciting, but it comes with its own challenges, especially while designing a new set.

“To develop new elements and design the set at the same time is a bit like building a boat while you’re sailing in it!” jokes Lars.

But it isn’t just about the realism, this set is also impressive in size.

The LEGO Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP set is in 1:5 scale, making it the joint highest-scale LEGO Technic motorcycle we’ve built, along with the LEGO Technic BMW M 1000 RR set.

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The scale and the level of complexity make this set ideal for builders who love to test themselves.

“It’s really challenging,” adds Lars. “All the moving mechanical parts are hidden. When it’s finished, the engine is covered by the outer design, so you can’t see what’s going on inside.”

Having a stunning model of the motorcycle on your shelf is pretty cool, but we also know that fans want to see the inner workings of their build, so we’ve turned to technology to provide a solution.

To help people see inside their finished model, to educate bike lovers and novices about the engineering at work, and, of course, to have a little extra fun, this set is designed to be fully compatible with the LEGO Technic AR app.

One app. Three unique modes.

“The app goes with the set,” says Ann Karring, an Interactive Play Designer at the LEGO Group. “You can download it for free, and then you can choose from different experiences.”

“The app has three modes,” continues Ann. “One of these three modes is all about the real Yamaha motorcycle. You can ride it through a cyberpunk world. You can see the throttle on your screen, and then you will see the bike accelerate, how many RPMs, and hear the engine revving.”

“The second mode dives deeper into the LEGO set. It’s designed so you can have an X-ray view of the bike and look inside the gearbox and see the elements work together.”

Seeing the inner workings of your set is as simple as aiming your camera towards the model and the app will show you how it works in real-time on your screen.

“The last mode lets you place a 3D model of the Yamaha MT-10 SP in your home,” continues Ann. “You can take a picture of it, see how it would look, and even exchange it with the LEGO model if you want and see the full-sized model in your room.”

Whatever mode you prefer, the app is the perfect partner for this build and will help you learn more about the real thing.

A challenging build for Yamaha fans

Complex, technically precise and technologically innovative, the LEGO Yamaha MT-10 SP set is everything Technic fans love. Whether you’re a long-term fan of Yamaha and motorcycles or you’re looking for your next challenge, this is the set for you.

So, start up your engine, put your brain in gear and get started on this challenging and rewarding new build.

YAMAHA, the Tuning Fork Mark, and likeness of the vehicle are properties of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and are used with permission of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

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