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Town and construction toys | LEGO® City Town!

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Jump-start your builder’s storytelling creativity with characters, vehicles, and buildings in LEGO® City Town! From hospitals to hot dog lunch spots there is a new and exciting story behind every corner. With LEGO City Town and other LEGO City themes, children can build an amazing and unique city all their own. What adventure will your child go on first?

Main Square

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Price1899,00 kr

Tuning Workshop

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Price1199,00 kr
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Donut Shop Opening

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
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Service Station

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Price599,00 krSale Price479,20 kr
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Start Your Journey

Kids can add and expand on their city with road plates like 60237 LEGO® City Curve and Crossroad. With both flat and studded sections, builders can drive LEGO vehicles down the road or add buildings on top of the plates.

Go for a Drive in Your City

With the 60236 LEGO® City Straight and T-Junction road plate, children can add intersections to their City streets. Set up a squad car and a police minifigure at the junction to make sure no one speeds!

Have LEGO® City Questions?

Find the answers here! Learn more about LEGO® City sets, read helpful FAQs and find the links you’re looking for.

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