Construction Site

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Construction site for toddlers

A feature-packed set that’s packed with play starters to give preschoolers hours of building fun.

Packed with build-and-play possibilities

This all-action set comes with a bulldozer, cement mixer and a crane that swivels for busy building-site play.

Construction Site

Building self-expression

Comes with 3 figures to act out fun stories.

Fun elements spark creativity

There’s a pizza for the team when the work is done.

Spinning tales

The cement mixer’s drum rotates.

Fun functions to explore

The crane grabs the boulder and drops it down the chute.

Stimulating the senses

Mixer has flashing lights and 3 sirens (batteries included).

Uplifting play

The drivable bulldozer’s bucket lifts up and down.

Toys to develop fine motor skills

With their easy-to-handle, brightly coloured bricks, LEGO® DUPLO® sets lay the foundation for strong building skills.
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