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The LEGO® Ideas Tuxedo Cat makes a wonderful companion

Why the LEGO® Ideas Tuxedo Cat makes the perfect pet

We get it, people love their cats. And why shouldn’t they? After all, cats are wonderful companions that provide millions of people around the world with love and cuddles.

The new LEGO® Ideas Tuxedo Cat is the latest set to come from the LEGO Ideas platform, where it tickled cat lovers worldwide and leapt to the 10,000 votes needed for consideration as an official set.

Now, it’s ready to preen and purr its way into homes and LEGO set collections.

It’s an ideal companion for cat lovers or even non-cat lovers and will make a purr-fect treat for yourself or a cat-themed gift idea for someone who loves animals, nature or pets.

In fact, we might even go as far as to say that the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat is even better than the real thing.

Not convinced? Well, allow us to present our case.

1. It’s easy to feed

The LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat is, perhaps, the easiest cat in the world to feed. It eats absolutely nothing and will never complain about it, though the set does have a mouth that can be positioned open or closed.

2. Your shelves are safe

Cats seem to have a supernatural understanding of where they shouldn’t go and an unstoppable desire to go there. Whether it’s knocking over the contents of your carefully curated shelves or treating your houseplants like ten-pin bowling pins, cats have a mischievous appetite for destruction. But despite being almost cat sized, this 1,710-piece, over 12.5 in. (32 cm) tall model will leave your décor intact.

3. Completely allergen-free

Cats aren’t for everyone. In fact, some people only have to be in the same room as a cat to feel their eyes start to water, their skin start to itch and the symphony of sneezing set to follow. With the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat, you and your house guests can enjoy an allergen-free occasion.

4. Say goodbye to smelly litter boxes

For every cuddle and adorable quirk, there’s a less likeable mess that your cat expects you to take care of. With the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat, you can kiss litter boxes goodbye. (Please note: we don’t recommend actually kissing the litter box).

5. Your wool is safe with us

Cats love nothing more than unravelling carefully wound balls of wool. Hard to know why really, but it does look kind of fun while they’re at it. We can say with certainty that, with the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat, your grandmother’s knitting bag is safe.

6. Interruption-free video calls

Ever been on an important work call when your cat leaps onto your desk and blocks the camera? Or maybe you’ve been on the other end of the line when the screen suddenly goes black and you hear the person you’re calling exclaim, “Down please!”. The LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat will mercifully leave you to call in peace and can even watch along with your choice of yellow or blue eyes.

7. Finally, a cat that follows your commands

Unlike dogs, there is absolutely no telling a cat what to do. They are famous for their “cattitude” and for being almost impossible to train. Tell a cat to sit, it’ll likely just stare at you with disdain. Tell it to fetch, it’ll like stare at you with more disdain. Tell it to… well, you get the idea. But the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat is one cat that you can control. The set allows you to rotate its head and adjust the ears, paws and tail for different playful poses.

HL: Have we convinced you?

No, we didn’t think so. There’s nothing like the real thing. After all, cats are great, and we know how much they mean to their owners.

Luckily, cat lovers don’t have to choose between the real thing and the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat… you can have both!

So if you’re looking for a beautiful decoration for your office, a gift for a cat lover in your life or just a relaxing and stress-busting build, why not open your door and let the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat in?

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