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The 8 Best LEGO® Boat Toys for Kids

Ahoy! Whether it’s sailing the seven seas, exploring shipwrecks or throwing parties on the ocean, ships and boats hold adventures to cover every future sailor’s playtime.

Pick out the most ship-shape LEGO® sets for your crew with the eight best boat toys this side of the Bermuda Triangle – and no land lubbers allowed!<br>

LEGO® City – Ocean Exploration Ship

Ocean Exploration Ship

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The sea holds so many mysteries – and it’s time to explore them. With a shark cage, working crane and a helicopter, crewed by eight explorer minifigures, there’s exciting research to be done on the sea.

Join LEGO City TV character Harl Hubbs as he discovers everything the ocean’s hiding – or battle a storm as the treacherous waters take over.

Found everything you can atop the waves? There’s more to be found under them: use the research submarine to unearth a pirate shipwreck and its hidden treasures! This set is perfect for budding adventurers.

LEGO City – Race Boat Transporter

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Race Boat Transporter

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High speed makes for great fun, and the Race Boat Transporter helps creative play reach top gear.<br>

This sporty, aerodynamic, jet-powered speed boat with Xtreme racing driver minifigures is ready to hit the water – for real! The boat is suitable for play on land or in the water, as it really floats.

Supported by a powerful transporter truck that has opening doors, a removable roof and transport-restraining bars, the speed boat is prepped for a race. Or players can open the cockpit to act out quieter scenes as this LEGO boat set bobs on the waves.<br>

LEGO City – Elite Police Boat Transport

Elite Police Boat Transport

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Keep the seas safe with the LEGO City Elite Police Boat Transport playset. Lieutenant Duke DeTain takes to the ocean with his crime-fighting gear to make sure Clara the Criminal can’t get away with her stolen gems.<br>

Start play on land with the Lieutenant’s armored police off-roader, and use it to haul the boat trailer to the water. Then detach the LEGO police boat and engage in a high-speed chase!

Kids can act out scenes from the LEGO City Adventures TV series or use Clara’s stylish red speedboat to make up their own ideas – will she get away with her prize, or will Duke catch her and bring her to justice?

LEGO Ideas – Pirates of Barracuda Bay

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Pirates of Barracuda Bay

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Yarr me hearties! When a pirate settles down, he does it in style. The Pirates of Barracuda Bay pirate ship toy set features a ship-turned-shipwreck island where the pirates have made their new home.

Discover everything from the captain’s cabin to the supply dock, featuring a farm, tavern and a jail cell with two skeleton figures – for the cursed pirates who guard the hidden treasure, or prisoners in the dungeons.

Ready to take your crew of eight pirate minifigures back out to sea? This 2,545-piece pirate building set can be dismantled and reassembled to make a ship inspired by the Black Seas Barracuda pirate ship LEGO toy from 1989, so playtime is always something new.<br>

LEGO Friends – Party Boat

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Party Boat

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars

Who’s ready to party? The Party Boat is all set to take kids to the beach for hours of seashore fun.

With three figures and loads of summer holiday kit, your child can act out beach scenarios from the comfort of home. Or keep the fun aboard and stage a party on the boat itself with the toy speakers and parasol-protected front deck.

Host a live concert with Andrea with her toy microphone or take the helm and explore the sea from the detailed cabin.

One of your figures looking for some peace away from the party? The flamingo boat and water scooter provide a whole new scene for relaxation or adventure

LEGO Creator – Safari Wildlife Treehouse

Safari Wildlife Tree House

Average rating5out of 5 stars

This 3-in-1 set means you can make a boat, a safari tree house or a plane! Need a place to hang out when you get off the boat? The Safari Wildlife Treehouse is the perfect place for a seasoned sailor to stow their ship.

With boy and girl minifigures and a camera accessory, it’s the perfect place to snap some quiet jungle shots or kick back and relax at the top of a ladder, safe from the sea or the animals below.<br>

Just watch out for the local wildlife: the crocodile and lion are looking hungry! Rebuild the treehouse into a biplane or a catamaran with an adjustable sail to get away from them quickly and back to safety.

Then hang out back at the treehouse with other wildlife, like the posable giraffe, flamingo and hornbill toys.

LEGO Technic – Catamaran

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This LEGO boat really floats! Inspired by real-life race boats, you can play on land or take it to the bathtub to make a splash at playtime.

With two sails, two dagger boards and a rudder, this toy is packed with realistic features that’ll inspire and excite any young sailor.<br>

Got a need for speed? Rebuild the Catamaran into a Race Power Boat for a whole new set of games and stories.

Young sailing enthusiasts will also learn as they play, seeing how the sails work or how the dagger boards boost stability. They can even steer with the rudder!

LEGO | Disney – Ariel’s Celebration Boat

Ariel's Celebration Boat

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Help your children learn to build with Disney Princess Ariel as she celebrates her wedding!

As well as the floating boat, the set features a pier with an arch and revolving dance floor, an underwater turning music stage and five characters. This set is great for ages four and up as Starter Bricks get the building going fast – meaning there’s more time for play!<br>

Need more adventures? Don’t just celebrate the wedding with the saxophone and keyboard accessories – the set also includes a dog and bone and a treasure chest for sniffing out adventure on the sea.

Re-enact scenes from the Disney film series or make up entirely new stories for Ariel and her friends.

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