Best STEM Toys for Kids

Best STEM Toys for Kids 

A passion for learning starts at a young age, and there’s no better way to bring difficult topics to life than to combine learning and play! 

Kids will love building robots, machines as well as engineering projects, and developing their own coding projects, all while building a solid basis in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that’ll set up a strong introduction to challenging topics. 

Explore our best STEM toys for kids and challenge young builders at home today! 

STEM Toys for Kids to Build at Home 

Who says that play at home can’t provide a learning experience for kids? These clever STEM toys will help budding scientists and engineers learn the basics of STEM while they have fun. With a variety of different options to choose from, there's something for every kid. So why not give your child the gift of learning? They're sure to love it!

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® – Robot Inventor

With the LEGO® MINDSTORMS®! Robot Inventor set and free app, you will get access to digital building instructions and 50 + helpful coding activities which provide great toolbox for kids to explore the robot's endless functions using drag-and-drop canvas (Scratch) perfect for newcomers or more advanced Python text-based code. 

Kids 10+ will gain essential STEM skills and proficiency in coding so that they gain confidence in creativity. Set includes intelligent Hub, motors, sensors and almost 1000 LEGO® pieces.

LEGO Technic™ – Formula E® Porsche 99X Electric

Kids 9+ who are fans of motorsports, Porsche race cars and Formula E® will love immersing themselves into this 422 piece set including sponsor logos while also being introduced to an amazing AR experience with the companion application. 

Using the LEGO® Technic™ AR app, kids can scan their newly built car into the app, choose a circuit to race on and use the 2-pull back function to launch the car and watch their skills in action. 

Not only does this introduce kids to the possibilities of AR technology - it also helps them learn about physics and energy management - completely transforming the creative building experience.

LEGO® Technic – App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle

Kids 8+ can immerse themselves in the nearly 200-year history of John Deere with this LEGO® Technic™ John Deere 9620R 4WD Tractor set, designed in collaboration with John Deere. 

With 390 pieces and realistic features, this is a rewarding challenge for young builders aged 8 and up interested in tractor toys and becoming a farmer or agricultural engineer. 

As well as its prominent design, the set features huge all-terrain wheels, a tipping trailer, articulated steering, and a driver’s cab with a seat that turns - making it perfect for creative role play and teaching the mechanics of tractors.

LEGO® Technic™ – App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle

Kids 9+ can enjoy the first ever flip vehicle in LEGO® Technic™ history with this LEGO Technic App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle set, featuring an aerodynamic tracked racer and tracked exploration vehicle. 

Using the CONTROL+ App, kids can steer the vehicle, complete exciting challenges and see their driver stats. An added benefit! The app automatically switches screens to match the vehicle when the model flips between the colored tracked race car and the orange exploration truck. 

It’s one of the best advanced building toys for kids interested in engineering.

LEGO® Technic™ – Ford Mustang Shelby® GT500®

Kids 9+ who are fans of race cars, muscle cars and drag racing will love immersing themselves into this 544 piece set to while also being introduced to an amazing augmented reality experience with the companion application. 

Using the LEGO® Technic™ AR app, kids can scan their newly built car into the app and put it to the test on a virtual race track by utilizing its 2-pull back motors. 

Not only does this encourage interest in AR technology - it also helps kids learn about how physics and energy transfer works - completely transforming the creative building experience. 

For kids interested in displaying their builds - it also comes with a rear cover to complete its already sleek look.

Best LEGO Education STEM Toys for Kids

These clever sets created by educators, provide hours of learning and fun, all while keeping your children engaged and entertained. From coding to engineering, these toys offer something for every child. So why wait? Order your kids a set of STEM toys today!

LEGO® Education– SPIKE™ Prime Set

LEGO® Education’s SPIKE™ Prime is part of the LEGO® Learning System and offers kids 10 and up an easy entry into the world of coding. With the familiarity of colorful LEGO® bricks and an intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch. This set keeps kids engaged through playful learning. 

SPIKE Prime’s programmable hub features a light matrix, six input/output ports for motors and sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and a built-in six-axis gyro sensor. That means it’s easy for kids to start building but the sky is the limit as they begin to understand computational thinking and start taking on educational challenges.

LEGO Education – BricQ Motion Essential Set

Put learning in motion with this hands-on set that brings physical science to life. With over 500 easy-build elements, gears, springs, and weight bricks and kids aged 6 and up will love the included science lessons that are as educational as they are fun! 

The experience is part of the LEGO® learning System and consists of two units with seven 45-minute standards-aligned lessons each that include videos, worksheets, and even lesson plans for creating an entertaining learning environment.

LEGO Education – SPIKE™ Essential Set

Kids can combine motors, hubs, lights, and sensors, as well as loads of other powered bricks, to create cool new projects that move, respond, and interact based on how they design the code in an easy-to-use Scratch-based coding environment. 

Great for everyone from the age of six and up, the colorful bricks and accessible design make it easy for kids to learn how to build and code and develop their STEM skills while having a great time!

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