Last Chance

Hair Salon


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Limit 3
Toy contains small parts and a small ball. Not for children under 3 years.
Building Instructions

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Meet the next generation of Heartlake City

Inspire kids to develop their passions as they explore the new world of LEGO® Friends with its diverse cast of characters.

Creative play at the Hair Salon

A Hair Salon playset for kids who love to tell imaginative stories based on real-world adventures.

Hair Salon

Time for a new haircut

Nadia washes and styles Paisley’s hair.

Lots to explore

Olly rides his scooter and checks out the gumball machine.

Transformation time

Switch up Paisley’s hairpiece to reveal her new style.

Inspire creative storytelling

Kids develop their imaginations as they role-play different stories at the Hair Salon.

Explore new passions

Check out other LEGO® Friends sets (sold separately) for creative fun as kids role-play their own friendship stories.
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