Designer Toolkit - Patterns


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Different canvases to share design creativity

Crafts fans of all ages get 10 cool LEGO® DOTS items to express themselves in a range of different and fun ways.

Designer Toolkit - Patterns

Plenty of design possibilities

Kids’ creative options are endless with this LEGO® DOTS set.

Show off individuality

Kids can share their personality with patterns and designs.

Endlessly customizable fun

Stylish and functional items for solo or group play.

Easy-to-follow inspiration

Stretch kids’ design skills and boost confidence.

Unlimited decorating options

860+ tiles in 5 styles and color universes to push limits.

10 iconic canvases to decorate

Be inspired with jewelry, wearables and room decor items.

  • Assemble, create and show off endless designs

    Kids get 10 items, including jewelry, wearables and room decor items, plus loads of tiles for creating unique patterns.
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