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Adventures with Interactive LEGO® Mario™

LEGO® Super Mario™LEGO® Super Mario™

Coming Soon on 1 August 2024

Toy contains small parts and a small ball. Not for children under 3 years.
Building Instructions

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Interactive toy playset for kids

Team up with interactive LEGO® Mario™ for an exciting adventure, including a battle for Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car.

Brick-built fun for Super Mario™ fans

Travel from Start Pipe to Goal Pole triggering digital reactions from LEGO® Mario™ and collecting digital coins along the way.

LEGO® Super Mario™ Adventures with Interactive LEGO® Mario™

4 LEGO® Super Mario™ figures

An interactive LEGO® Mario™ toy figure, Bowser Jr. and more.

Start Pipe

Begin at the Start Pipe.


Defeat a Goomba and stomp on the ? Block.


Greet Yoshi.

Balancing platform

Shake Bowser Jr. out of his Junior Clown Car.

Junior Clown Car

Ride to the Goal Pole in the Junior Clown Car.

Collectible Nintendo® gifts for kids

Expand, rebuild, role-play stories and create unlimited levels with other LEGO® Super Mario™ sets (sold separately).
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