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Explore the world of Middle-earth™

Celebrate the beloved film series with the extraordinary new LEGO® Icons The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell™ set. Filled with 15 character minifigures and authentic details that reveal themselves as you build, this epic set lets you recreate favourite scenes and watch new stories unfold.

0NaN: Choose your weapon

The armory is filled with swords and more.

0NaN: Shards of Narsil™

Boromir™ admires the sword at the Elven statue.

0NaN: Legendary scenes

Find authentic artwork throughout the set.

0NaN: Together again

The room where Gandalf the Gray™ and Frodo™ reunite.

0NaN: Ancestral history

See minifigure statues around the tower.

0NaN: Council of Elrond™

Join the Fellowship and plan the epic quest.

0NaN: Secret Love

Gazebo where Arwen™ and Aragorn™ meet.

0NaN: Forge new legends

Elves watch the smith make a sword.

Join the Fellowship

Frodo Baggins™

Brings the One Ring to Rivendell to decide its fate.

Bilbo Baggins™

Has an optional angry face if he tries to take the Ring.


Holds the Sword of Gondor™ and his trusty battle shield.

Elrond Half-elven™

Wears a long cape and unique hair with headpiece


Appears in her Elvish gown wearing the Evenstar pendant.


Authentically dressed as he joins the Council of Elrond™.


Armed for battle with his decorated helmet and his axes.

Meriadoc™ and Peregrin™

The sweet Hobbit pair wear their travelling outfits and cloaks.

Gandalf the Grey™

The wise wizard carries his "walking stick".

Samwise Gamgee™

This Hobbit of the Shire and best friend of Frodo™ wears a blue cloak.


Sworn to the destruction of the One Ring, carries his bow and arrow.

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