Rapunzel's Tower


Retired product

Small parts.
Building Instructions

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Fans of Disney’s Rapunzel can visit her tower

Kids get a fun and immersive play experience as they build the detailed tower and discover all the thrilling hidden features.

So many exciting play possibilities!

A 4-room tower, plus 2 smaller builds, help kids grow their creative role-play skills with unlimited Disney Princess stories.

Rapunzel's Tower

Tower hobby room with a view

Kids can dive into different arts and crafts with Rapunzel.

A swing full of imagination

Rapunzel, Flynn and Pascal can enjoy some outdoor fun.

Set reflects the Disney story

Loads of accessories inspire endless thrilling adventures.

Fun and inspiring building experience

Easy-to-follow building instructions help kids develop problem-solving and building skills as they enjoy constructing the set.

Features Rapunzel and Flynn mini-doll figures

With a Pascal LEGO® figure for Disney. The characters act as story starters for kids to create unique fairytale adventures.
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