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Peppa Pig Boat Trip

Price32,99 €

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Limit 5
Building Instructions

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Imaginations set sail!

Toddlers practice observation and imitation skills as they role-play Peppa and Grandpa Pig sailing to the beach.

Dive into skill-building playtimes

Boat toy inspired by the show is designed to help preschoolers understand feelings as they imagine the characters’ emotions.

LEGO® DUPLO® Peppa Pig Boat Trip

Hitch a lift with Grandpa Pig

Take the helm and steer the boat to the beach.

Open the cabin door

Unload Peppa’s beach kit from Grandpa’s boat.

Learn to be safe in the sun

Peppa applies sun cream under the parasol.

Cute toy accessories

Help Peppa put on her flippers.

Beach activities

Peppa builds sandcastles and collects shells.

Includes 2 Pig favourites

Comes with Peppa Pig and Grandpa Pig.

Gift for toddlers

This LEGO® DUPLO® Peppa Pig toy makes a great best-behaviour reward for preschoolers aged 2+.
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