Heartlake International School

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Meet the next generation of Heartlake City

Welcome to the new era of LEGO® Friends. Here a diverse cast of characters take on new challenges in today’s modern world.

Inspire school role-play fun

Kids with inquisitive minds will love creating their own stories for the characters at Heartlake International School.

Heartlake International School

Join science class

Autumn and Niko tidy up after their chemistry experiment.

Animal care

Help Niko care for the class pet, Bunsen.

Grab a snack

Try different cuisines with Aliya and Niko in the cafeteria.

Get creative

Put the artwork on the easels in the art room.

Exercise time

Play outdoors with the basketball net, skateboard and bike.

Visit the media room

Aliya and Ollie are editing the latest school news.

Explore new passions

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