Top 5 LEGO Police Helicopter Toys

The Top 5 LEGO® Police Helicopter Toys

Rev up the rotors and get in the air to stop the bad guys from getting away! These LEGO® helicopter toys are perfect for catching up with criminals on land, in the air, or at sea.

Patrol the city streets from above or chase the robbers across all of playtime – the stories kids can play out are endless!

LEGO® City – Police Helicopter Chase

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Police Helicopter Chase

Average rating3.6out of 5 stars
Price29,99 €

Looking for some serious action? With a helicopter, a getaway truck, an ATV and a speedy motorbike, this set packs a high-octane chase with loads of drama!

Join LEGO City TV hero Sam Grizzled and his partner as they set out to take down criminal Snake Rattler and his accomplice, who are trying to get away with the stolen safe.

The helicopter includes a real magnet that can be used to airlift the safe off the truck and back to safety. 

But the criminals’ ATV is on the road, ready to disrupt their rescue. Will Snake get away, or will Sam put him behind bars for good?

LEGO® City – Police Helicopter Transport

Catching notorious criminal Frankie Lupelli is no easy task, but police officer Rooky Partnur has the top tool in her set: a helicopter that really flies.

Assemble the truck and the helicopter and get Rooky ready for launch, then pull on the ripcord to get the helicopter into the air for a wild chase!

When Frankie rips the door off the truck’s cell with his ATV to rescue his partner in crime, it’s up to Rooky to hop in the helicopter in the back of the transporter and track him down.

The multi-vehicle set also includes a police motorbike, and Officer Partnur has her mobile police cell to put Frankie and his partner back in jail!

LEGO® City – Police Lighthouse Capture

When crime flees to a remote island lighthouse, surrounded by sharks, a smart copper takes down the criminals from above.

Help Rooky Partnur land her sea-copter on the water by the lighthouse in pursuit of crime boss Vito and his stolen treasures – but watch out for the snappy shark he’s been luring in!

The helicopter is packing rotating blades and an opening cockpit so Rooky can fly in style, while Vito has a makeshift raft at hand for a quick getaway.

There are also loads of accessories for making the story come alive, like Vito’s stolen gold and gems and Rooky’s handcuffs – ready and waiting to throw the book at Vito!

LEGO® City – Seaside Police and Fire Mission

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Seaside Police and Fire Mission

Price39,99 €

Step up the rescue potential with both fire and police teams, equipped with a full arsenal of vehicles to solve any problem.

Start out from the toy police station with a chase as they catch up with the crooks’ speedboat – then when the boat crashes and bursts into flames, take out the fire dinghy that really floats to blast the fire down. Then hoist the criminals to safety in jail with the police sea helicopter!

The firefighter dinghy packs an extinguisher that launches water pieces to knock the LEGO flames down, and the set comes with gold accessory blocks stolen by the criminals for the cops to recover. 

Create whole new worlds of action and adventure with this 297-piece police helicopter toy set!

LEGO® City – Police Helicopter

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Police Helicopter

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price9,99 €

This set is perfect for young builders aged four and up who would love a cool introduction to construction and the LEGO City universe! The set comes with a special Starter Brick element to help even first-time builders get started on this LEGO build.

The sturdy police helicopter has spinnable rotors and comes with a police officer and crook minifigures to make for a wild chase scene. Help the police officer climb into the cockpit and check out the opening fuselage for somewhere to store supplies and to lock the criminal up after.

The crook comes with her own water scooter as she thinks she can escape the law on the waves – but those stolen banknotes aren’t going anywhere when kids are patrolling playtime!

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