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How To Make A Beautiful Butterfly Print

How To Make A Beautiful Butterfly Print

This is a super simple springtime craft to do with your kids using little more than paper, scissors and paint – but watch how their faces light up when they see their creation brought to life! If it's warm enough you can take this activity outdoors and use it as a fun introduction to learning about spring insects in your garden - maybe even go looking for bugs afterwards.

Great for fine motor skills, this craft will encourage your child to hold scissors, grip a pencil and unfold paper, and what’s more, it is a wonderful way to encourage their individuality. From building with LEGO® bricks to simple craft activities like this, there are so many ways you can nurture your child's creativity - that all important skill, vital for imaginative thinking.

What you need:
- Paper
- Pen and pencil
- Scissors
- Paint
- Glue

1. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw two butterfly wings

Get your little one to cut around the shape and unfold. The butterfly base is now ready for painting!

2. Help your child to draw and cut out a butterfly body

Be sure to give him a smiley face :)

3. Let your little one add different coloured paints to one side of the butterfly

This can get a little messy!

4. Ask your child to fold it in half, pressing down firmly, then unfold to reveal a beautiful butterfly

Children learning to write can be encouraged to sign their name on the butterfly, like a real artist. Beautiful!

Scissors can be dangerous for small children, so please make sure you supervise them closely during use.