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Best gifts to give your friends

Best gifts to give your friends

Your friends are there for you through all the ups and downs of life. Whether you’ve been building your friendship for years or just a few months, you want to show them how much you care. But sometimes, deciding on that perfect gift can be a real challenge.

To help you choose, we’ve created this list of the best gifts to give to your friends. No matter what their interests are, you’re sure to find the perfect LEGO® set for your friend.

For the Astronomy Lover: The Milky Way Galaxy (31212)

The LEGO® Art The Milky Way Galaxy (31212) building kit is a stunning tribute to the galaxy we call home.

Perfect for anyone with a love for astronomy and outer space, this awe-inspiring set comes with over 3,000 layered LEGO bricks to create a colorful 3D tapestry. Among them are some of the Milky Way’s most recognizable features, including Trappist-1 and the Crab Nebula, as well as a ‘You are Here’ tile to show Earth’s place in the galaxy.

Built across 5 different panels, this stellar set makes a great gift for a group of friends to discover the wonders of the universe together!

For the floral designer: Wildflower Bouquet (10313)

Let their creativity bloom with the stunning LEGO® Icons Wildflower Bouquet (10313). Perfect for the friend with an eye for design, this set includes 16 life-like flowers made entirely out of LEGO bricks and elements. Your friend can build their own bouquet of LEGO Botanical Flowers inspired by lavender, leatherleaf ferns, gerbera daisies and more. They can then create their own unique arrangement to show off their design skills. This bouquet makes a beautiful display on its own, or your friend can combine it with other flowers from the LEGO Botanical Collection.

For the history buff: Viking Village (21343)

Fans of medieval history will love the LEGO® Ideas Viking Village (21343). Forge weapons and armour in the blacksmith’s smithy with billowing flame elements, or mine for minerals in the cave. Serve a feast in the longhouse for the chieftain and shield-maiden while the archer keeps a lookout on the watchtower above. Keen-eyed fans of Norse mythology will notice the detailed shields decorated with the god Odin’s ravens and wolves.

For the artist: The Starry Night (21333)

Build creativity with LEGO® Ideas Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night (21333). This beautiful set brings the celebrated artwork to life in LEGO bricks. Designed in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, this set uses innovative building techniques to capture the swirling brush strokes and unique style of Vincent van Gogh’s original work. The set also includes a minifigure of the artist himself, together with an easel, a paintbrush and a miniature version of the painting. With versatile display options for freestanding or hanging, your friend can proudly exhibit their masterpiece wherever they like.

For the nature lover: The Insect Collection (21342)

Got a friend who loves all things that creep and crawl? The LEGO® Ideas The Insect Collection (21342) is the perfect gift for the naturalist in your life. This set includes buildable, life-size models of three incredible insects: the blue morpho butterfly, Chinese mantis, and Hercules beetle. Each of these colourful insect models includes its own baseplate surrounded by elements of its ecosystem, so your friend can display them as unique art pieces in their home or office. There are separate instruction books for each model as well, making this a perfect set to build together.

For the ultimate LEGO® fan: Scaled-up LEGO Minifigure (40649)

For the friend who loves all things LEGO® brick, the Scaled-up LEGO Minifigure (40649) is a fantastic addition to their collection. Standing over 27 cm tall, this posable model looks just like the one found in front of the LEGO Campus in Billund, DK. There’s even a secret compartment inside its hat – the perfect hiding place for a standard-size minifigure version of the model minifigure. After all, any LEGO fan knows you can never have too many minifigures.

For the plant parent: Tiny Plants (10329)

Is your friend running out of window space for living plants? Never fear: the LEGO® Icons Tiny Plants (10329) set is here! This collection includes 9 brick-built versions of arid, tropical and carnivorous species, each in its own little terracotta-coloured pot. With models ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, this set makes a great gift for LEGO builders of all kinds. This is also a great gift to share with a group of friends, with enough builds for everyone to enjoy.

For just about anyone: Everyone Is Awesome (40516)

This set is a great gift for any friend, because every friend is awesome. A tribute to positivity, kindness and inclusivity, Everyone Is Awesome (40516) celebrates the differences that make us all unique and wonderful. The rainbow backdrop features eleven monochrome minifigures sporting different hairstyles. Your friend can proudly display this set as a testament to the power of friendship, community and love.

For the master builder: Motorised Lighthouse (21335)

Treat your friend to this stunning LEGO® Ideas Motorised Lighthouse (21335) model. Much like living alone in a lighthouse, this massive build is not for the faint of heart. Standing 54 cm high, this fully working model comes complete with a rotating light element and replica Fresnel lens – though we wouldn’t recommend actually using it to lead ships to safety!

Your friend will discover more delightful details as they build, like the cottage’s glowing fireplace or the hidden pirate’s cave.

For the interior decorator: Orchid (10311)

Give your friend an elegant piece of home decor with the LEGO® Icons Orchid (10311). This model of the flower includes true-to-life details like basal leaves, aerial roots, and pink and white blooms made entirely out of LEGO bricks and elements. Your friend can display this piece in a brick-built pot, confident that this is one orchid that won’t wilt or fade with time.

From gamers to film buffs to art lovers, we’ve got a LEGO® set for everyone on your list. Take a look at our full range of sets to find the perfect gift for all your friends and family, no matter what their age or interest. We even have sets that are perfect for building together with friends and family using the LEGO Builder App. Build a single set together with special instructions for each builder in your group.