Natural History Museum

LEGO® IconsLEGO® Icons
Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

A set of historic proportions

Discover the first-ever museum to join the Modular Buildings collection. Home to an array of brick-built exhibits it features dual skylights that allow light to permeate the building’s 2 levels, illuminating the towering brachiosaurus skeleton and collection of treasures within.
Visit the Modular Buildings collection to see how the neighborhood has grown

Explore the treasures inside

Curator's office

Private -- Staff access only!

Astronomy exhibits

Count the planets in our solar system.

Ancient artifacts

Explore elements from past LEGO® sets

A galaxy view

See the stars through the telescope.

Fully compatible

Snaps in place to make a street scene.

Window washer

Based on a real LEGO® designer!

Build and explore the exhibits, along with 7 minifigures and a playful pup

Read all about the LEGO® Modular Buildings Collection
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