The Top 6 LEGO® Animal Toys for Kids This Holiday Season

The Top 10 LEGO® Animal Toys for Kids This Holiday Season

If you’re looking to buy a gift for a young animal lover this Christmas, these toy animal sets offer everything from taking care of horses to incredible dragons.These are gifts made for kids to build and rebuild time and time again! There are even options for those looking to tame a dragon or add to a cat collection.

LEGO Friends – Forest Horseback Riding Center

Join LEGO Friends Mia, Savannah and Kevin with guide dog Goldie as they spend their days at the Forest Horseback Riding Center!

This three-story ranch is packed with things to do. Take care of the two horses with their hinged heads in the barn, or kick back in the forest home with its kitchen, bedroom and dining area. The second floor is even removable for easy access!

When all the work is done, the friends can cozy up around the fire and toast marshmallows – and there are loads of other accessories too, like riding helmets, saddles, bridles, a pitchfork and more!

LEGO BrickHeadz™ – Goldfish

Kids who love animals will adore this BrickHeadz™ Goldfish (40442) build-and-display set. The goldfish and fry both sit on iconic BrickHeadz stands and look as if they’re ready to blow bubbles underwater. 

The stands fit into a sturdy, blue base that includes coral and plants and comes with 2 stickers – 1 with bubbles, 1 with corals – for decorating the base. This buildable pet set is a perfect gift for all kids, BrickHeadz collectors and pet lovers.

LEGO Creator 3in1 Safari Wildlife Tree House

Get ready for an amazing safari on the African savanna! Stand on the balcony of the brilliant Safari Wildlife Tree House to take photos. You can even feed a friendly giraffe or climb down the ladder to play with a flamingo or hornbill.

Later, rebuild it into a cool biplane that can fly over a lion, or a catamaran to sail alongside a crocodile. The choice is yours with this incredible 3in1 set.

LEGO City – Wildlife Rescue Camp

This treehouse camp has it all! Look out from the watchtower to spot the animals. There’s an elephant, a lion, a lioness, their cub, and eagle and monkey figures to see, and LEGO® City TV character Sleet and his pals are there to do research and protect the wildlife.

To help the team get around, there’s a mobile research lab and a floating dinghy, as well as a motorbike and an ultralight aircraft to see the animals from above.

There are also loads of accessories to help them get the job done, including a fire extinguisher, walkie-talkie, camera, binoculars, bottle, medical cast and a toy syringe.

LEGO BrickHeadz™ - Budgie

Bird fans will flock to this BrickHeadz™ Budgie (40443) build-and-display set. The budgie (also known as a parakeet) and chick both sit on iconic BrickHeadz stands designed to look like wooden bird perches.

The stands fit into a sturdy brown base that resembles the bottom of a birdcage and comes with 2 stickers – 1 with feathers, 1 with footprints – for decorating the base. This buildable pet set is a perfect gift for all kids, BrickHeadz collectors and anyone who loves birds.

LEGO BrickHeadz™ – Shorthair Cats

Know a cat-lover or someone trying to grow their BrickHeadz™ collection? This pair of cool cats are a cute addition to any display.

The adult shorthair cat has a bow tie and a movable tail for getting the pose just right.

Next to it, there’s a cute kitten seated on a sturdy baseplate in a decorated basket. Combine with other BrickHeadz sets to make for a totally ‘clawsome’ look!

LEGO City - Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader

Oh no! A lion cub is stranded near a python’s nest, after the rickety bridge it crossed collapsed. Race to the rescue aboard the awesome off-roader! Use the vehicle’s winch to make a river crossing, then send in LEGO® City TV hero Jessica Sharpe to relocate the snake.

When the lion family is reunited, head back to camp for a celebration meal with the team before your next wildlife rescue mission!

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LEGO NINJAGO® – Water Dragon

Face down the mighty Water Dragon with its posable head, jaw, legs, neck, wings, and tail that can roar and swing as it swoops in for the prized wave amulet. This is no ordinary toy ocean animal!

Scuba Zane zips in in his mini submarine to join NRG Nya and face down Prince Kalmaar and his two Maaray Guards. Kids can recreate stories from the NINJAGO: Seabound TV series or make whole new ones.

The set is a great present for adventurous young ninja, but the dragon and amulet also make for a fantastic display piece!

LEGO® Creator – Fish tank

Trying to find a gift for someone who loves aquariums but doesn’t need the hassle of taking care of real fish?

This glassless tank boasts the easiest fish to take care of: a clown fish, a regal blue tang, a yellow tang, a cardinal fish and an anthias fish – as well as a mini submarine, some coral and an aquatic plant. And none of them will ever need feeding!

It’s not just the ease that makes this set a great gift – kids can take advantage of the three-in-one design to rebuild it into a painting easel with a sea scene or a treasure chest toy with a crab and a sword!

LEGO® DUPLO® – Barn, Tractor & Farm Animal Care

These toy farm animals for toddlers are a great way to assist in developing social and emotional awareness, as well as fine motor skills. Kids can learn as they play, and parents can share in milestones in play by helping their young ones identify and take care of the pig, sheep, horse, dog, hen, rooster and cows.

There’s also a barn tractor to drive around for kids who love the entire farm experience or who have an interest in vehicles as well!