12 wild and wonderful gifts for nature lovers

12 wild and wonderful gifts for nature lovers

Nature is a constant source of joy, inspiration and relaxation. That’s part of the reason why we have so many wonderful nature-themed sets that will let you bring the best of the natural world to your shelves and walls. We have everything from birds, animals and insects to trees and bright flowers.

Read on for our list of the best LEGO® sets that make great gifts for nature lovers, from wonderful home décor pieces to relaxing builds that’ll help you feel a sense of calm.

LEGO® Art The Fauna Collection – Macaw Parrots

The first human artworks were images of animals. And thousands of years after those cave paintings were drawn, animals continue to inspire artists in various styles. The LEGO Art Macaw Parrots are ready to bring a splash of color and fun to your home. In stunning pastel shades and a variety of poses, these beautiful birds will make your mood soar every time you see them.

LEGO® Ideas The Insect Collection

To celebrate insects’ vital and fascinating role in the natural world, this set features three standalone models with five stunning life-size insects, including the stars of the show, a blue morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle and a praying mantis. Bring the outside in with this set and enjoy trying to spot the tiny LEGO brick ladybug and honeybee.

If you’re fascinated by creepy crawlies, be sure to learn more about the Amazing Creatures in the new LEGO Ideas The Insect Collection…

LEGO® Icons Kingfisher Bird

The fascinating Kingfisher may be small in size but possesses speed and diving prowess, making them expert fishers. This mindful building project allows you to connect with nature in a more hands-on way and recreate the impressive Kingfisher in LEGO bricks. Measuring 8 in. (21 cm) high, you can re-position the Kingfisher’s beak and claws for the ultimate display piece. An ideal gift for lovers of birds, place this on your shelf or desk to bring the outdoors in.

Pair it with the LEGO® Art Macaw Parrots for fauna in full effect.

LEGO® Icons Tiny Plants

Small potted plants and succulents are the best friends of even the worst in-home gardeners. They’re hardy, they’re durable and they’re also beautiful. This set brings the best of arid, tropical and carnivorous species into your home, giving you a range of colorful tiny plants that you can display together or hide around your house like little Easter eggs.

These delightful sets would also be perfect for a LEGO terrarium. If that sounds like your next creative project, read about how to make your own LEGO terrarium.

LEGO® Ideas A-Frame Cabin

The fullness of nature can be brought into your home with this lovely remote cabin based on the iconic A-frame design. The cabin opens to reveal a cozy and comfortable interior, and outside you can enjoy the pristine nature, including mature trees, a flowing stream and plenty of little critters scurrying around amongst it. Staycation goals.

LEGO® Icons Tranquil Garden

Enjoy a moment of zen-like tranquility when building this mindful and attractive set. Based on a traditional Japanese garden, the set includes a pavilion, an arched bridge, a stream, koi carp, lotus flowers, trees, rocks and stone lanterns. It’s everything you need to relax and unwind.

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LEGO® Creator Exotic Pink Parrot

Build three different animals in one with this LEGO playset that lets you create a pink parrot, a swimming fish or a colorful frog. Each model is bright and fun and will make a great decoration or provide endless opportunities for play.

LEGO® Icons Wildflower Bouquet

Eight wildflowers inspired by cornflowers, lavender, Welsh poppies, cow parsley, leatherleaf ferns, gerbera daisies, larkspur and lupins come together to make this stunning floral set. Each with a long stem and capable of standing in a vase, this set will brighten up any room.

And if you’re a budding botanist, then why not learn much more about The secret meanings behind the plants in our LEGO Botanicals Collection

LEGO® Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a simple but stunning flower, so unsurprisingly, they have made a simple but stunning set. It includes two sunflower blooms with adjustable green stems and leaves that can stand alone or be added to a bouquet set.

LEGO® Art Hokusai – The Great Wave

Ocean, waves and memories of salty air. Bring nature and culture into your home at once, with this stunning wall mountable set based on the iconic Japanese artwork, Hokusai’s The Great Wave. A beautiful, subtle-hued set that’s a challenging but enjoyable build and will leave you with a true icon for your wall.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 Birdhouse

With this fun 3-in-1 set you can enjoy building enchanting animal stories set in a birdhouse, a park bench or a beehive. Builders of any age will love creating the five birds or the hedgehog and squirrels that can sit on the bench. It’s the perfect gift for a nature lover and provides a relaxing building experience.

LEGO® Ideas Tree House

If, like many people, you’ve dreamed of living away from it all, then why not build a life above the branches? The LEGO Tree House features several detailed cabins for imaginative display, a picnic table, a swing and a bonfire. You can even change leaves as the seasons change: green for summer and an autumnal yellow and brown for the colder months.

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