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NINJAGO® goes 360

Discover an incredible way for all to explore LEGO® NINJAGO®.

Welcome to the NINJAGO® world

Enter the captivating NINJAGO® world where a team of daring young ninja battle the forces of evil. Kids will love building these brilliantly detailed LEGO® adventure toys, which include all the characters, dragons, mechs and weaponized vehicles from the highly popular NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu television series.

Ten years of NINJAGO® history

To celebrate a decade of NINJAGO history, we’ve created a special anniversary page with loads of exclusive, insightful and fun content! Discover the story behind one of our flagship themes, and how it’s inspired kids and grown-ups alike, around the world, for the past ten years.

Hydro Bounty


Temple of the Endless Sea


Ultra Sonic Raider


Water Dragon


Fire Dragon Attack


Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty


Ninja Sub Speeder


Lloyd's Hydro Mech

Keep an eye out for L.L.A.M.A at LEGO® CON 2021!

The perfect gift for creative kids

Looking for the perfect gift for active and creative kids? LEGO® NINJAGO® offers an amazing collection of buildable ninja playsets to fuel their imaginations and captivate them for hours including collectible minifigures, fearsome dragons, detailed temples and cool toy cars.

Recreate action-packed NINJAGO® adventures

Kids can watch the NINJAGO® TV series or THE LEGO® NINJAGO MOVIE™ and re-enact their favorite scenes as they play out exciting battles between their ninja heroes including Cole, Jay and Zane and a host of villains. Who will triumph in this battle between good and evil?

Learn to be a ninja!

Kids can enjoy a fun building experience putting together their NINJAGO® action toys before using them to roleplay being a brave ninja and learning all about their positive values, including believing in yourself, helping others and always trying to fulfil your full potential.

NINJAGO® minifigures

Wu, Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Jay and Cole are the super skilled and courageous ninja who defend the NINJAGO® world from a succession of dangerous enemies. Discover more about these heroic ninja characters and their unique powers here.
  • 71717 Journey to the Skull Dungeons (7+)

    NINJAGO® fans can dive into their own all-action dungeon adventures with the stunning Journey to the Skull Dungeons. The building set also doubles as a board game where kids can use the dice spinner to get started before trying to avoid spiders and a guard to seize the Shadow Blade of Deliverance and free one of the ninja from prison.
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Put your skills to the test!

You can create your own destiny in the Choose the Path board game, by downloading the expanded play experience rules and adventures.

Join the Ninja in the LEGO® Life Magazine!

With a FREE magazine subscription, kids aged 5-9 can go on exciting adventures with their favorite ninja and check out other fun LEGO themes. Sign up your child today and get the magazine sent directly to their home!

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