Tournament Temple City

Small parts.

Dare to enter the Temple of Tournaments

The ninjas of NINJAGO® are training for battle against Lord Ras and his evil recruits. This amazing temple is set on a rock cliff surrounded by water and filled with action-packed surprises, offering endless ways to recreate NINJAGO® Dragons Rising TV series episodes – and tell new stories too!

Ninja action around every corner

Battle across multiple platforms

Find hidden storage and a secret door

Turn the wheel to move the blacksmith's hammer

Press the lantern to drop the rocks

Travel to the tournament in the airship

Pose the dragon with blade-style wings

Enter the ninjas!

Features a line-up of the 13 character minifigures, some of whom are exclusive to this set.

Build big or start small

Expand the fun with the Tournament Battle Arena set (71818), sold separately.
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