Sea Animals

Creator 3-in-1Creator 3-in-1
Small parts.

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3 sea animal toy playsets in 1 box

Kids can play out underwater stories with this LEGO® Sea Animals 3in1 set and build and rebuild 3 different sea life toy playsets.

Endless play options under the sea!

After a fun build, boys and girls aged 8+ can enjoy fun-filled sea adventures with 3 different underwater scenes.

LEGO® Creator Sea Animals

6 sea animals with a seafloor stand

2 fish, a turtle, a jellyfish, a seahorse and a red crab.

Octopus and squid toys

Sea animals come with a volcanic rock element.

2 fish models

Kids can role-play stories among colourful sea plants.

Helps LEGO® fans develop important skills

Kids can develop their storytelling skills as they enjoy creative play with this fun-filled 3in1 LEGO® Creator set.

Enjoy a fun digital experience

Little builders can save their progress, zoom in and rotate their models in 3D with the LEGO® Builder app.
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