Best LEGO® Toys for 7-Year-Old Girls

Best Toys for 7-year-old Girls

As your 7-year-old girl goes through her first few years of school, she’s going to be developing exciting new interests and finding new ways to express herself — and her toys need to keep up with these growing passions!

Whether she’s into movies and cars or animals and sailboats, we’ve got the perfect toys for 7-year-old girls in our extensive LEGO® collection.

The Animal Sanctuary

Bring the world of Minecraft® to life with this LEGO® Minecraft The Animal Sanctuary (21253) set!

The perfect toy for 7-year-old girls who love the video game, kids can spend hours caring for the six adorable baby mobs, including a cat, sheep, wolf, rabbit, and cow.

This 3-part role-play toy comes complete with a fenced-in play-space with a food storage room, a picnic spot, and a cozy resting place with a carpet for tired animals. Plus, there’s also a figure of the beloved character Efe for the first time in a LEGO Minecraft set.

For even more gaming action, this set also integrates easily with some of our other epic Minecraft toys (sold separately).

Olly and Paisley’s Family Houses

Prepare to meet a whole new group of friends at the LEGO® Friends Olly and Paisley’s Family Houses (42620)!

This LEGO Friends dollhouse set is designed to set imaginations soaring as kids create exciting stories for the characters in their 2-story multi-room houses.

Kids can hang out at Olly’s place, which comes complete with a cozy living area and accessories for serving afternoon tea, before heading over to Paisley’s to rustle up some dinner in the family kitchen area.

Between both houses is a fun treehouse where the characters love to hang out. Bringing the set to life are 5 mini-dolls, a micro-doll, and 2 pet figures!

Flying Ford Anglia™

Calling all young witches and wizards! Take a magical flight into the wizarding world™ with the LEGO® Harry Potter ™ Flying Ford Anglia™ (76424).

A great gift for 7-year-old girls who are big fans of Harry Potter, they can reenact Harry and Ron’s epic journey to Hogwarts™ in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets™ with this set!

This playset complete with 4 LEGO Harry Potter characters, including minifigures of Harry Potter™ and Ron Weasley™ and LEGO figures of Hedwig™ and Scabbers™. The car’s removable roof and opening doors make it easy to place the figures inside — plus there’s room in the trunk for wands and a suitcase too.

Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House

Take a trip to the Animal Crossing™ world with the LEGO® Animal Crossing™ Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House (77050) set!

This is the perfect chance for your 7-year-old to continue exploring their favorite video game, all while enjoying some hands-on play away from the screen.

Packed full of familiar details and characters, kids can swap Bells for fun items at Nook’s Cranny before enjoying tea and cupcakes with Rosie in her cozy home.

Kids can recreate moments from the video game alongside the Tom Nook and Rosie minifigures. They can also rearrange the modular baseplates and move the accessories to customize the buildings however they choose.

Hedwig™ at 4 Privet Drive

Take playtime to enchanting new heights with this LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hedwig™ at 4 Privet Drive (76425) set!

Designed for young Harry Potter™ fans, the posable Hedwig™ figure comes complete with an adjustable head, wings, and tail. The snowy owl even perches on the Privet Drive road sign. Plus, the set also includes a buildable trunk filled with a wand, a History of Magic book, and a portrait of Harry and his parents.

Kids will love recreating their favorite Harry Potter™ movie scenes, and once all the fun is done for the day, the model makes a great display in any 7-year-old’s bedroom!

Karaoke Music Party

Hello singing superstars! You’re all invited to the LEGO® Friends Karaoke Music Party (42610)!

Part of the LEGO® Friends collection, this set comes complete with everything kids need to enjoy an epic karaoke party, including a revolving stage, microphones, a relaxation area, and a toy slushie machine.

Also included are mini-dolls of Nova and Liann — each with additional faces for lots of fun role-play. The set also comes with a cute pet gecko figure and tons of cool accessories like cupcakes and a gift from Nova to Liann!

Vintage Fashion Store

Delight your little fashionista with this LEGO® Friends Vintage Fashion Store (42614)!

An ideal gift to get kids thinking about the planet as they have fun with fashion, this set is all about upcycled clothing. Kids can help mini-dolls of Olly, Liann, and Jordin wash and recycle donated clothes in the workshop before hitting the changing rooms to try on all the fabulous vintage items including hats, pants, a skirt, and shoes!

Also included is a cute cat figure, plus awesome accessories including a cash register, a sewing machine, and a washing machine.

Interstellar Spaceship

Send playtime out-of-this-world in the LEGO® City Interstellar Spaceship (60430)!

Young space fans can blast off on intergalactic adventures with this build-and-play set. The sleek single-seat spacecraft is built for speed, and kids can insert a toy battery pack to engage the fold-out thrusters for lightning-fast travel to the outer edges of space. Also included is a toy drone which doubles as a jetpack for the astronaut figure.

The set can also be combined with other LEGO City sets (sold separately) to unleash even more fun and adventure!

LEGO® Creator 3in1

Ready to triple the adventure and triple the fun?

The perfect set for 7-year-old girls who love all things nature, kids can explore countless enchanting stories with the LEGO® 3in1 Exotic Peacock (31157) set.

First they can build a beautiful peacock, complete with colorful feathers that can be folded down or proudly spread out, before they rebuild it into a dragonfly on a lily pad, or a butterfly with poseable wings!

Each model makes a great display item on any child’s shelf or bedside table, plus the 3-in-1 fun doesn’t have to stop there! Whether you’re after a Magical Unicorn (31140), a Pink Parrot (31144), or some Adorable Dogs (31137), we’ve got a LEGO Creator 3in1 set for all interests!

Izzie’s Narwhal Hot-Air Balloon

Soar into the dream world with this super-cute LEGO® DreamZzz™ Izzie’s Narwhal Hot-Air Balloon (71472) set.

Designed to unleash a whole new world of imagination, there’s 2 builds in 1 with this creative playset. Kids can choose to build the narwhal figure as a strong hot-air balloon or a speedy chariot boat before setting off on a mission to help Izzie rescue Bunchu the bunny from the grips of the evil Grimspawn!

The adorable narwhal figure features a horn on its head and an opening mouth with space for small objects, plus the set also includes an Izzie minifigure with a cool sword accessory and figures of Bunchu and Grimspawn.

Go Karts and Race Drivers

Ready, set, race!

Little racers can enjoy a super-fun build with this LEGO® City Go Karts and Race Drivers (60400) set, before playing out exciting competitions with the cool turquoise and orange go-karts!

Bringing the epic racing action to life are 2 driver minifigures with safety helmets — and there’s even a trophy for the winner!

And you can unleash even more real-world fun by combining this set with others in the LEGO City range (sold separately).


Set sail on the high seas with the LEGO® City Sailboat (60438)!

Your little girl’s imagination will really take the helm with this nautical-themed set. Designed for creative play-and-display, the elegant toy sailboat features a tall mast and printed sail, a boat’s wheel, and a cozy cabin complete with a bed!

LEGO City sets are all about letting kids explore real-world scenarios, and kids will love heading off on endless adventures alongside the 2 minifigures, plus there’s even a dolphin figure to add to the ocean-themed stories.

Looking for even more LEGO® sets?

Whether you’re after a replica model for a partner, a colorful set for a preschooler, or even a mindful treat for yourself, we have great gifts for all ages and interests in our extensive LEGO® collection.

Take a look today and discover a whole world of fun!