Exotic Peacock

Creator 3-in-1Creator 3-in-1
Small parts.

3 exotic animal toys in 1 set

3 different build-and-play options in this LEGO® Creator 3in1 playset let kids enjoy enchanting stories with posable exotic animals.

Dream up exciting LEGO® animal stories

Girls and boys aged 7+ develop storytelling skills as they visit the park with an exotic peacock, dragonfly or butterfly.

LEGO® Creator Exotic Peacock

Exotic Peacock

Bird’s beautiful feathers spread out and fold down.

Exotic dragonfly

Insect with posable wings and tail on a lily pad.

Exotic butterfly

Kids can role-play flying stories with posable wings.

A great treat for young LEGO® fans

The fun begins as soon as kids open the box as they enjoy a rewarding experience building and rebuilding 3 animal toys.

Enjoy a fun digital experience

Little builders can save their progress, zoom in and rotate their models in 3D with the LEGO® Builder app.
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