LEGO® Friends Introducing a new world of friends

Introducing a new world of friends | LEGO® Friends

The new LEGO® Friends have just enrolled at Heartlake International School. Navigating their new surroundings – and their new friendships – isn’t always easy… but it is always exciting!

New Friends, New Adventures

Discover how our 8 new characters are expanding the world of LEGO® Friends.
  • Aliya

    Aliya is the friend that encourages you to be yourself. She loves school, horse-back riding with her best friend Autumn and swimming.
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What’s your passion?
Answer these questions to find out what passions you share with the LEGO® Friends characters!

A Day in the Life

Get to know two new characters – model student Aliya and Autumn the outdoors adorer – a little better…

Once upon a Build...

LEGO® Friends feature vibrant characters and imaginative locations, to inspire your little one to create their very own storytelling universe.

Explore their passion

Our sets let kids immerse themselves in their passions.

Friends sets for kids aged 4+

Get young imaginations firing, in Heartlake City!

8 friends, endless possibilities

The sets are just the beginning…
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