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LEGO® Avatar: Build your bond

Continue the epic the story of Avatar, with sets that celebrate the incredibly beautiful (and sometimes dangerous) moon of Pandora…

You never forget your first flight…

Feel the air rushing through your hair as you relive Jake’s first Banshee flight with Neytiri!

Meet the Na’vi

Learn more about the Na’vi people with the help of our (not so mini) minifigures!

Jake Sully

Ex-Soldier turned Na’vi hero!


Strong warrior, skilled healer, proud mother.


Leader of the Metkayina clan.


Clan Tsahik and fierce warrior.

What adventures await on the surface?

The awe-inspiring landscapes of Pandora are stunning from the skies. But sometimes, it’s good to get a bit closer to the ground…

Fancy a trip to the seaside?

Swim among the coral of Pandora’s oceans, and explore the secrets of this intricate, reef-side Metkayina village.

6 out-of-this-world facts about Planet Pandora!

Movie fact 1

Pandora is actually a moon, orbiting the much larger gas-giant planet Polyphemus.

Movie fact 2

Pandora’s corals have more biodiversity than any ecosystem in the known universe.

Movie fact 3

The skimwing can travel for hours at a cruise speed of 40mph/65kph!

Movie fact 4

When it gets dark, Pandora becomes bioluminescent, making all of the Na’vi, plants and animals glow in the dark!

Movie fact 5

Pandora’s magnetic fields cause mountains to actually float in midair!

Movie fact 6

Trees on Pandora grow a whopping 10x larger than those on Earth!

Skim it to win it

Join Jake Sully and Tonowari on their skimwing adventure. Hold on tight!

The Way of Water

The latest Avatar film takes us beneath the surface, home to some of Pandora’s strangest and most beautiful creatures. So be sure to pack your goggles...

Dive to the depths

What lurks on Pandora’s seabed? Probably nothing as unnatural as the RDA submersible… And definitely nothing as smart as Payakan the tulkun!

The exploration doesn’t stop here

We may have reached the bottom of Pandora’s seas, but there’s still an ocean of inspirational fan content for you to explore!
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