LEGO® Succulents

LEGO® Succulents: The Perfect Way to Build Together

Never worry about leaving your plants unattended again, with the eminently maintainable, easily co-buildable, adjustably displayable LEGO Succulents!

Life is tough. Succulents are tougher.

Discover the deeper virtues of our resilient little friends...

Relax and Replant

Venture into the plant kingdom and let your green fingers do what they do best, with this creative and relaxing build.

Divide and Conquer

We’ve split our building instructions into 3 small booklets, to help make this the perfect gift to build with someone you love...

Display your way

Each succulent can be removed and attached to any part of the set’s base, helping you to arrange your succulent succulents however you like!

Amazing authentic details

Major arranger

Our LEGO succulents come in pots designed to fit each other in any and every way!

Blooming beautiful

You know your cactus is happy when it starts to flower...

(Ad)just right

Take control of every detail, down to the littlest leaf...