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Small parts.

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Let’s go shopping with friends!

Join Paisley and Candi for a fun day of shopping with the LEGO® Friends Tiny Accessories Shop building toy for kids.

Inspire creative role play

Boost kids’ imaginations as they create friendship stories with this kids’ role-play toy, which comes with 2 mini-dolls.

LEGO® Friends Tiny Accessories Shop

2 mini-dolls

Comes with LEGO® Friends characters Paisley and Candi.

Select purchases

Try out the full-length mirror and self-service checkout.

Lots of accessories

Includes 2 bumbags and beauty-themed accessories.

Enter a digital world of building

Builders can zoom in, rotate sets in 3D and track progress using the fun, intuitive LEGO® Builder app.

Enjoy more adventures

Discover more LEGO® Friends sets where kids can explore friendship themes with a diverse cast of characters.
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