Interior Design; Art Sets for Adults

Art, design and music LEGO® sets for adults

From iconic gallery masterpieces to wonders of the natural world, these LEGO® sets for adults celebrate the very best of art and design.

Bring a masterpiece into your home

Create a brick-built version of Leonardo da Vinci’s legendary Mona Lisa painting, which includes a detachable frame. 

Recreate Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece

Bring the world’s most famous painting into your home as you build and display a LEGO® version of the Mona Lisa inside an elegant frame.

A design classic

Relive the fun of Polaroid photography as you recreate the details of the Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera in LEGO® brick form.

A journey of discovery

Explore the wonder of the Milky Way Galaxy as you assemble 3,091 layered LEGO® bricks and pieces to create a stunning piece of 3D art.

Spread your wings

Let creativity fly as you create a piece of art with 2 Macaw Parrots or craft a model of the majestic Kingfisher (sets sold separately).

Tune in to nostalgia

Mount a smartphone in the rear compartment to simulate a real radio and enjoy your music with a built-in sound brick.

Nurture precious memories

Display special photos and more with this customizable Family Tree. It features 16 holders to hold small photos and other paper mementos.

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