About Us
Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

Upholding high standards


What makes LEGO® play so unique is its ability to contribute to children’s learning and development in ways that are fun and creative. We produce only the safest products of the highest quality so that parents can rest assured that their children can experience the many essential values of play while playing safe.

  • We produce safe and high-quality play experiences that benefit the value of play for all children worldwide.
  • We work persistently on pioneering product safety and high quality throughout the entire toy industry.
  • Our products undergo meticulous testing, and we apply our strictest safety and quality standards to the manufacturing of all LEGO® products.
  • We adhere to the strictest regulations regarding digital safety in our products and responsible communication with children.

Our products adhere to the strictest safety standards
Through our LEGO® products, we want to provide all children with valuable play experiences. While play is fun, it should also be carefree. That is why we apply the strictest quality and safety standards in the development and manufacturing of our products. We have managed to maintain our target of zero product recalls over a number of years, which is only possible by integrating product safety throughout the entire process from design to consumer use. We comply with the safety standards laid down by the EU Toy Safety Directive and the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).
You can read more about our safe products and how we comply with legislation.

Our industry leadership
We work intensively with product quality and safety, and we have done so for many years. This means we have developed extensive knowledge, which we gladly share to improve overall product safety and quality in the entire toy industry. We aim to lead by example, and through several toy safety committees we actively pioneer product safety and quality throughout the entire industry and promote support for giving all children the right to play with toys safely.

Our approach to safe and high-quality products
We see product safety as the responsibility of all who are involved in the product development process. Our product safety specialists interact with designers on proactively identifying risks in the early stages of product development. We aim to give children and their parents safe play experiences. This means that we apply our strict safety and quality standards to the manufacturing of all our LEGO® products.

Figure: The LEGO Group Safety Assessment

  • Carrying out our safety assessment: we screen scientific research and legislation for updates and approve the raw materials we want to use. For example, we know the composition of every raw material recipe (plastic resin, decoration ink) used to make LEGO® products.
  • Testing new LEGO® products: we send individual LEGO® elements and entire LEGO® models through various chemical, physical, electrical, hygiene and flammability tests.
  • Producing LEGO® elements: throughout production, we conduct tests to check the quality and safety of LEGO® elements. For example, on the production line we pull the head of every LEGO® DUPLO® figure with a force equivalent to 12 kg strength. This ensures that no small parts will detach during play.
  • Interacting with consumers: we gather learning, scientific developments and consumer feedback. Every year we receive input from more than 1.6 million consumers about our products – this helps us ensure we continue to improve the quality and safety of our products.

We base our state-of-the-art safety assessment on scientific knowledge and apply processes and tests that take us beyond the requirements of laws and standards. We hire independent third-party labs to perform supplementary tests on our products. Read more about our corporate policies for e.g. Quality and Environment.

Materials now and in the future
We only use raw materials that offer the optimal properties for safe products of the highest quality. We want children and parents to be certain that any LEGO® product they have in their hands can withstand any foreseeable use and still be safe.
Developing our raw materials consumption is an ongoing task due to scientific developments, legislative changes and discovery of new raw materials. We aim to find and implement more sustainable alternatives to our current raw materials by 2030. It is a daunting challenge since we are persistent in our opinion that new and more sustainable materials should offer the same safety, quality, durability and play experiences as our current materials do.

Safe and responsible communication with children
As a provider of play experiences, we believe our responsibility is to communicate about our products in a safe manner while also encouraging creativity and play. Our approach to safe communication with children is extensive and also covers digital safety in our products and marketing to children. We work actively with international organisations to ensure that we are compliant with international best practices, and we train our employees in our communication and marketing standards.