Getting Hands On To Help Switch-Off

Adults turning to creative manual tasks to relax and help switch-off from hyper-connected, busy lives

• New research from The LEGO Group of over 30,000 adults worldwide shows 93% of adults are regularly feeling stressed and 80% are looking for new ways to relax
• The research, from the LEGO Group’s ‘Play Well 2022’ report, showed getting ‘hands-on’ with creative activities could be the solution, with 86% of adults saying play helps them unwind from work, while 89% say it keeps them mentally sharp
• To help adults relax, The LEGO Group announced ‘LEGO® Lates’, a series of after-hours events in LEGO stores worldwide, which pair insightful talks, performances, and fashion shows with creative building activities

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New global research has shown adults around the world are looking for ‘hands-on’, creative activities to help them escape the pressures they feel in their hectic, hyper-connected lives.

According to the research, from the LEGO Group’s global ‘Play Well 2022 Report’, the vast majority of adults (93%) worldwide are regularly feeling stressed, with 80% saying they are actively looking for new ways to unwind and relax.

The report, which surveyed over 30,000 adults from 33 countries around the world, showed many are finding it hard to disconnect from work, with 6 in 10 (58%) admitting they spend less than one hour a day relaxing and 5 in 10 (55%) saying they have a hard time switching off.

The research also found 41% of adults are feeling more stressed now than they did in 2019. Work presented itself as one of the biggest stress factors for adults, with the report showing:
• Three in five struggle to disconnect from their jobs (60%)
• Three quarters check their emails outside of work (74%)
• Two thirds find maintaining a work-life balance harder now than they did pre-pandemic (61%)

In response, 80% of adults are actively seeking new ways to unwind, with the vast majority (92%) wanting to do so through activities that are related to their hobbies and interests. For many, the best way to calm down and relax was through more manual, hands-on activities:
• Over three quarters (78%) believe doing something creative or manual feels more fulfilling than doing something passive (such as watching TV)
• Half say learning new creative skills has become more important for them now than it was pre-pandemic (53%)
• 87% said play helps them relax and feel calm, while 86% said it helps them unwind from work, and 85% said it offers them relief from everyday life, chores, and worries

Genevieve Cruz, Head of Product for the Adults audience, The LEGO Group, said: “LEGO building isn’t just for children, and getting creative with LEGO bricks can help adults to relax, feel creative and get a real sense of achievement. These sorts of activities transcend age and can have benefits for builders both young and old. We have championed the importance of quality, creative play for nine decades, and our Play Well 2022 research proves there is still a place for LEGO building for adults.”

There are over 100 different products in the LEGO sets for Adults range – from wonders of the world to movie magic, intrepid space exploration to pop culture icons, and from luxury cars to architectural masterpieces – designed to offer adults a fully immersive, hands-on, mindful activity to help them switch off. Regardless of passions points, there’s a LEGO set for everyone to explore their favourite passion in a new creative way.

To introduce a new hobby and an alternative way to unwind for adults, the LEGO Group launched LEGO Lates, a series of adults-only after-hours events, in partnership with BAFTA Masterclass, Universal Music Group and Grace Chen.

The events are taking place in LEGO stores in London, Shanghai and New York, and will pair creative LEGO building activities with insightful talks, performances and fashion shows to inspire guests and show how LEGO building can help adults relax and find their flow.

The LEGO Lates series kicked off in London on 4 Oct 2022, followed by New York City on 20 Oct 2022 and Shanghai still to come. All guests will receive a goody bag and gift voucher worth the cost of their event ticket on arrival at the event. There will also be additional LEGO building activities at the event that guests can take home with them.

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*Data taken from The LEGO Group’s 2022 Play Well Adults Study of 33,429 respondents aged 18+ across 33 markets worldwide, between February and March 2022.

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