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Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

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The LEGO Group is owned by KIRKBI A/S (75 percent) and the LEGO Foundation (25 percent).



KIRKBI A/S is the holding and investment company of the Kirk Kristiansen Family. The activities within the KIRKBI Group are divided into strategic and investment activities.


The strategic activities include ownership of the LEGO trademarks, 75% ownership of the LEGO Group, 29.9% ownership of Merlin Entertainments plc and investments in renewable energy in order to support the LEGO Group’s goal to generate enough renewable energy capacity to meet 100% of the LEGO Group’s energy needs by 2020.

The investment activities include significant long-term investments in companies such Falck A/S, Minimax Viking, ISS A/S and Matas A/S as well as real estate investments in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and the UK. In addition to this, the KIRKBI Group manages a portfolio of fixed income instruments, listed equities and private equity funds. KIRKBI has a long-term investment profile and wants to act as a responsible investor with a high ethical standard.

For more information about KIRKBI A/S visit http://www.kirkbi.com/


LEGO Foundation

The LEGO Foundation is a corporate foundation that shares a mission with the LEGO Group: inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. The Foundation’s work is about re-defining play and re-imagining learning. "Re-defining play" means changing the way that people understand the importance of play — especially the huge value it has in equipping children with essential skills for life in the 21st century. "Re-imagining learning" means helping parents and education systems use the transformative power of play to improve learning for millions of children.

For more information about the LEGO Foundation, visit http://www.LEGOFoundation.com

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