The LEGO Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of play materials, has officially opened its new China flagship store at the People’s Square, the symbolic heart of Shanghai as well as popular tourist destination.

LEGO Store People’s Square is the second flagship store in China providing a fun new landmark for both local families and LEGO® enthusiasts from all around the world. It features many unique LEGO experiences under the concept of “Future of Shanghai” such as “Future City Play Tables” which offer four different spaces for citizens and visitors to build their own visions of the future city. The interactive area encourages people of all ages to dream and build their own creations reflecting urban challenges including harmony with nature, renewable energy, modern architecture and cultural heritage. It is also the only LEGO branded store in the world that feature this urban futuristic experience available.

Paul Huang, Senior Vice President of the LEGO Group and General Manager of LEGO China, said “We are excited to open this new flagship store in the very heart of Shanghai. We aim to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through creative LEGO play and this store is all about that. Our store brings more opportunities for Chinese children, parents and LEGO fans of all ages to explore the many different LEGO products and experiences while enjoying a truly unique and high-quality engagement with the LEGO brand.”

Inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow is the mission of the LEGO Group. Children, parents and adult fans can be engaged through innovative hands-on experiences and immersive builds with the LEGO bricks at the store. A highlight is the “Immersion Portal” where children are allowed to enter this large model box, see the LEGO City or LEGO Ninjago world and hear the sounds of the stories as the unit has lights, sound and movement on different 3D models – which are not available elsewhere in Asia.

Immersion Portal

[Immersion Portal]

The long-awaited “Mosaic Maker”, which offers LEGO fans of all ages the opportunity to purchase their very own, personalized LEGO mosaic portrait. The machine captures your image, and in a few minutes, printed instructions and the bricks required to complete the LEGO portrait are supplied to the customer. Equally worth noting is first time ever LEGO Doll House, where store visitors will be invited to design the interior of this amazing, fully lit, 3-floor building; fill it with their characters and stories.

Furthermore, as the first LEGO brand retail store in the heart of Shanghai, LEGO Store People’s Square creates a very strong bonding with local communities. The store features larger-than-life 3D models, such as Pearl Tower of Shanghai and 52 sq. Shanghai skyline mosaic, which were made from approximately four million bricks and took almost 19,000 hours to create.

Dragone made from LEGO Bricks

Other highlights within the LEGO Store People’s Square include:

• Demonstration Table - An area where new products will be unboxed and presented by our store associates to demonstrate different features that LEGO toys.
• Windows System - Based on insights the windows will include light & movement as a feature. The podiums will have turntable movement with a central element that will also move up & down to showcase an additional model.
• Masterbuilder play tables - A Play tables with semi-built 3D models from selected LEGO Themes, to inspire a creative and fun building experience;
• A Brick Pathway –A pathway with LEGO bricks through the 1st floor, it winds from the staircase all the way to the giant Pick-A-Brick column;
• LEGO Exclusives DisPLAY Case – Hans-on experience with Exclusive and Hard-to-find LEGO sets. A staff guided tour will be provided for these sets’ incredible features and videos of the LEGO designers are also available in store.
• Video Screens - Different digital touch points which can activated the navigation and inline screens would be launched across the store to engage shoppers with great storytelling video content;
• LEGO curated playlist - A LEGO curated playlist will be playing all day in the store with
some of LEGO music from franchises, and exclusive products;
• Social media - Different photo frames will be available at the store to allow shoppers to add a LEGO Photo frame to their images.

“Our LEGO stores are a great tool to build the brand awareness and emotional connection to our fans. We hope our visitors will be excited by what they experience here, and this helps grow their passion. These stores allow us to have direct engagement with our fans, helping us to deliver truly awesome shopping experiences.” said Senior Vice President of the LEGO Group and Head of LEGO Retail, Claus Flyger Pejstrup.