The LEGO Group Launches Gift Bot to Ease Christmas Shopping

This holiday, the LEGO® Gift Bot, Ralph, is here to make sure every wish clicks into place!

We've all been there… every year Christmas pops up and surprises us! Next things you know, the gift buying rush begins and we feel drowned in indecision. What gifts to buy? What will your sister's eldest want this year? Or that cousin you've not seen for half a decade?

Ralph – a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot – will help consumers chose the perfect LEGO gifts via Messenger and News Feed Ads, as part of the LEGO Group’s broader Holiday Campaigns “Shake Up Imagination” in the US, and "Give The Gift of Imagination” in Europe.

“We are continuously searching for new and fun ways to engage with our consumers and shoppers. Chat Bots are increasingly being used by brands to engage with consumers in the digital space. The LEGO Group is one of the first in the toy industry to embrace this concept,” says James Poulter, Senior Manager, Digital Consumer Engagement, at the LEGO Group.

The Chat Bot guides shoppers through simple questions interspersed with playful GIFs and prompts to get them appropriate gift recommendations. Here’s a peek into the shopper journey:

• Clicking on the LEGO Gift Bot will take shoppers to Messenger
• Ralph then guides shoppers through some simple questions to help recommend gift ideas, while the journey is spiced up with fun GIFs. Questions such as the child’s age, their play interests – superheroes, fantasy, role play etc. help determine which LEGO set would suit best.
• Suitable LEGO products will appear and the shoppers can click and be transferred to the shopping cart on for a quick transaction.

Genelle Holton, UK Digital Marketing Manager explains how Ralph the Chat Bot came about:

"We wanted to create a fun and easy tool to overcome a common challenge for shoppers – help them navigate through the vast LEGO portfolio and chose the perfect gift! "

And in case Ralph hasn’t made up your mind, the LEGO Group has lots of lovely human LEGO experts on hand, to give gift advice or any other kind of LEGO help as well. Find their phone, chat or email address at

The LEGO Gift Bot campaign is featured in UK, US, Canada, France, Germany and Poland.