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New LEGO® City Sets for 2024

New LEGO® City Sets for 2024

Discover the exciting lineup of new LEGO® City building toys for 2024. From a graceful sailboat to a futuristic space station, these sets merge fantasy and reality for creative play without limits. Unlock a world of limitless imagination for your everyday hero!

60422 LEGO® City Seaside Harbor with Cargo Ship

Unleash a wave of fun with the LEGO® City Seaside Harbor with Cargo Ship (60422) set designed for kids ages 8 and up. This playset features a bustling quayside complete with a working container crane, LEGO cargo ship, store, restaurant, water scooter, paddle boat and 8 minifigures. Whether they’re enjoying a spot of fishing, eating sweet treats at the ice cream store, or relaxing on the beach, young imaginations will find endless ways to have a great day at the harbor.

60407 LEGO® City Red Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus

All aboard! Hop on and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city with the LEGO City Red Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus (60407). This set is a ticket to adventure for kids aged 7 and up. Pick up the 5 minifigure passengers, including a baby and a stroller, and seat them on the lower deck or open-air sightseeing deck. Enjoy fun tours of the city by choosing your destination, rotating the destination display, and letting the adventure begin!

60420 LEGO® City Yellow Construction Excavator

Send in the awesome LEGO City Yellow Construction Excavator (60420)! Designed for ages 8 and up, this set is perfect for budding builders. Fans of construction vehicles can enjoy the LEGO excavator’s true-to-life functions that make it just like the real thing, with ground-gripping tracks, a versatile boom and a 360° rotating driver’s cab. Plus, with 2 barriers to cordon off the work zone, uninterrupted epic building fun is guaranteed.

60408 LEGO® City Car Transporter Truck with Sports Cars

Get behind the wheel and head for the highway with the LEGO City Car Transporter Truck with Sports Cars (60408) building set for ages 7 and up. Toy car enthusiasts will love the double-decker transporter toy truck that comes with 3 cool toy vehicles: the ‘50s-style tail dagger, the ‘70s-style muscle car and the modern electric supercar. Tilt the driver’s cab to access the engine, hitch the trailer, and lower its upper and lower deck ramps to board the cars. When the vehicles are boarded and secure, it’s time to join the highway to fun!

60421 LEGO® City Robot World Roller-Coaster Park

Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times! The LEGO City Robot World Roller-Coaster Park (60421) is perfect for kids who love gaming and amusement park toys. This fully functional roller-coaster set features a 3-car train that zips through a futuristic video-gaming venue. Inside, kids will find an arcade with toy video game consoles, an e-sports arena, a slushy bar and more. The set also includes a fully adjustable mech suit and 8 minifigures ready to ride the coaster.

60432 LEGO® City Command Rover and Crane Loader

Get ready to discover the unknown and explore the surface of new planets with the LEGO City Command Rover and Crane Loader (60432). Designed for space crews aged 7 and up, this top-of-the-range, futuristic rover makes exploring new worlds child’s play. This vehicle has everything kids need for planetary exploration, including 8 huge tires, sample storage hatches, a crane arm and a pod bay for docking the air-lock laboratory. The set also features 4 space crew minifigures, a robot, and 2 alien action figures to make space missions extraterrestrial-ly exciting.

60406 LEGO® City Race Car and Car Carrier Truck

Rev up the excitement with the LEGO City Race Car and Car Carrier Truck (60406) building toy playset, a perfect way to fuel imaginative play for kids who love toy cars and trucks. Designed for ages 6 and up, this 328-piece set features a race truck with a functional loading ramp and a cool race car with lowered suspension and flared fenders. The set also includes race driver and truck driver minifigures for role-playing stories and adventures.

60412 LEGO® City 4x4 Fire Truck with Rescue Boat

Action-packed firefighting adventures await with the 301-piece LEGO City 4x4 Fire Truck with Rescue Boat (60412) playset for kids aged 5 and up. Double up the excitement with a cool combo of toy off-road fire rescue vehicles, plus a trailer for transporting the rescue dinghy. This construction toy also includes a toy tent and a camping scene with a campfire. Just add the firefighter and camper minifigures and let the adventures begin!

60415 LEGO® City Police Car and Muscle Car Chase

Unleash a world of tire-screeching action, fun and excitement with this dynamic police car building toy. The 213-piece LEGO City Police Car and Muscle Car Chase (60415) playset features a sleek police interceptor and a speedy getaway vehicle. And with officer and crook minifigures, the stage is set for exhilarating role play and storytelling.

60404 LEGO® City Burger Truck

Serving fast food is child’s play with the LEGO City Burger Truck (60404) building toy for ages 5 and up. This 194-piece playset is a treat for young imaginations. Topped with a giant burger, the mobile fast-food joint can be detached from the truck and comes with a detailed food prep area, condiments and a service hatch that opens to display a flame-grilled burger sign. This set also includes a vendor minifigure and a customer minifigure with a hearing aid.

60413 LEGO® City Fire Rescue Plane

Send imaginative play soaring with the 478-piece LEGO City Fire Rescue Plane (60413) construction toy for budding firefighters aged 6 and up. This toy plane is loaded with realistic features, including a pretend waterdrop function and 2 water element launchers. The twin-engine aircraft also has an opening rear cargo door, plus a dual cockpit, and comes with pilot, extinguisher operator and jetpack firefighter minifigures, plus a wildfire scene for action-packed play.

60419 LEGO® City Police Prison Island

Fun jailbreak adventures await with this 980-piece LEGO City Police Prison Island (60419) building toy playset, featuring a cliffside prison, police helicopter, police boat and dinghy. The prison comprises a labyrinth of rooms, including a control center, officers’ break area, entrance hall, kennel room, a courtyard with a secret escape hatch, a cell with an escape tunnel leading to an abandoned mine, plus a prisoner’s laundry with jailbreak tools. This feature-rich set comes complete with 3 officer and 4 prisoner minifigures, along with police dog and shark figures, for imaginative play and storytelling.