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Small parts.
Building Instructions

Magical, magnificent… and with moving wings!

Fans of Harry Potter will love to build and display this detailed model of Hedwig, the famous owl from the series.

A very special delivery

This Hedwig model makes the perfect gift for anyone who ever dreamt of receiving an invitation to Hogwarts.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hedwig

Moving mechanical wings

Kids turn the handle to see Hedwig in flight.

An impressive display piece

Measures 7.8" (20cm) from beak to tail and is 6.7" (17cm) tall.

Realistic wings

The owl's jointed, detailed wings span over 13" (35cm).

Build imaginations

This challenging build-and-display model develops kids' problem-solving skills and unlocks their creative potential.

Realistic depiction of Hedwig in flight

The detailed model stands on a sturdy base incorporating a detatchable Harry Potter minifigure and a smaller Hedwig.
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