Best Toys for 6-Year-Old Girls

Best Toys for 6-Year-Old Girls

Give playtime a creative kick with our selection of LEGO® sets for 6-year-old girls.

Designed specifically to satisfy growing curiosities and support and development as they move through school, our collection is ideal for inquisitive 6-year-olds with big imaginations.

From learning to fight crime at the Police Academy to reading books with Disney’s Belle in her horse and carriage, kids embark on thrilling adventures with these fun and inspiring sets.

Creative Neon Fun

Bring a vibrant splash of color to playtime with the LEGO® Classic Creative Neon Fun set.

Complete with 333 neon bricks, kids can build their own creations or choose to make 5 unique models: a pineapple, a highlighter pen, an alien, a car and roller-skates. There are also 18 bricks with expressive eyes to help bring their creations to life with different emotions!

An easy-to-follow picture guide makes building a breeze, while kids can unleash their own creativity with unlimited building options.

Karaoke Music Party

Get ready to rock with the LEGO® Friends Karaoke Music Party set, perfect for budding pop stars!

Your little builder can create unforgettable performances on the stage with two LEGO® Friends characters, Nova and Liann, along with a pet gecko figure, microphones, and a revolving stage for added storytelling.

Watch as kids invent fun friendship stories for the duo and take turns performing their favorite tunes on stage. It's the ultimate playset for girls who love all things music!

Creative Pets

Watch these loveable pets come to life with the LEGO® Classic Creative Pets set!

Perfect for young animal lovers, this set opens a world of exploration in animal care. Kids will have endless fun while learning to take care of their very own LEGO pets.

Give kids an exciting play experience as they build a dog, hamster, cat, bird and a rabbit using colorful, easy-to-assemble bricks. Plus, there are accessories for your child’s new four-legged and winged friends, including a dog bowl, a bone, an apple and a bird perch.

This adorable set offers unlimited playtime with each animal creation, providing a fun hands-on play experience.

Police Academy Training

Kids have everything they need to protect LEGO® City with this action-packed playset, offering the ultimate police training experience.

With 6 minifigures and a horse figure included, kids will have a blast training their team to become the best crime fighters in the city. They can explore the modular police station, and even take on a challenging obstacle course with a climbing wall, monkey bars and a zip wire.

The set also comes with plenty of cool accessories like handcuffs, a horse brush, and workout equipment to inspire creative storytelling.

Watch your little one become the hero of LEGO City and save the day with their new police skills!

Horse and Pony Trailer

Gallop into playtime with the LEGO® Friends Horse and Pony Trailer set, perfect for young animal and nature lovers.

Join LEGO® Friends characters Liann and Zoya for an adventure as they load up the trailer, hop in the driver's seat, and take the horses for a ride. Once saddled up, they can jump over obstacles, feed, and brush their pony companions for an immersive play experience.

This fun-filled set is the perfect combination of hands-on learning and playtime, helping creative kids invent exciting stories.

Electric Car and Charger

Hang out with Zac, Nova and Dango the dog with this cool LEGO® Friends Electric Car and Charger set.

Complete with a toy electric car, charging station, and accessories, this versatile set allows kids to experience fun stories while the characters and learn about electric vehicles and using green energy. Kids will construct the charging station, connect the car, open the bonnet to store accessories, and then enjoy a picnic with delicious treats.

The car has seats for both minifigures, plus a seat for Dango so he can join you on your adventures!

Mobile Bakery Food Cart

Get ready for tasty adventures with the LEGO® Friends Mobile Bakery Food Cart! Join Jules as he serves goodies from his wheelable bakery cart brimming with delicious treats.

Designed for kids 6 and up, this LEGO Friends set opens imaginations as Aliya and her pup Aira select their favorite foods. Choose from a variety of treats, including croissants, macarons, biscuits, hot chocolate, or coffee. The set includes a coin and a book for Aliya, and a bone for Aira to enjoy!

Farm Animal Sanctuary

Young animal lovers will adore this LEGO® Friends Farm Animal Sanctuary set. Kids can learn how to nurture and care for the adorable farm animals. The set comes with 3 figures, as well as a goat, cow, chicken, and chicks.

Kids can also harvest vegetables and whip up some strawberry jam with the cool movable machine. The farm building also opens to reveal stalls for each animal, and features a toy tractor and windmill.

With tools like a pitchfork, brush, and shovel, they can collect eggs and tidy up the barn, helping kids learn about responsible farming while still having tons of fun!

Nya’s Water Dragon EVO

Immerse little ninja warriors in imaginative play with Nya’s Water Dragon EVO.

They’ll love building and playing with the posable dragon, complete with a fierce tail and a saddle for Nya. For even more fun, the dragon can be upgraded with golden elements to make it bigger and stronger.

This ninja playset includes 3 amazing minifigures of Nya, Lloyd and Bone Guard, each armed and ready for combat. But that's not all – completing missions will earn your 6-year-old girl a collectible Generosity banner to proudly display on the dragon!

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