LEGO® City Police Toys and Fire Truck Sets For Kids

LEGO® City: Fire and Police Toys

Sure, these might look like toys. But can most toys keep a City’s streets safe? Can they fight fire with fire and criminals with... police? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

LEGO® City: Let's Make Awesome

Whether you’re writing a parking ticket or rescuing a kitty in a tree... you just gotta make it awesome!

From water cannons to police helicopters

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LEGO® City Advent Calendar

Price29,95 €
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Cargo Train

Price219,95 €
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Express Passenger Train

Price179,95 €
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Freight Train

Price179,95 €
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Double Loop Stunt Arena

Price169,95 €
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Rocket Launch Centre

Price169,95 €
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Stunt Show Arena

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Town Center

Price129,95 €

Looking to buy a new car?

May we suggest this spacious people/water carrier?

Meet the Crew

This Fire Crew aren’t just the stars of the City, but also of the hit LEGO® City Adventures TV show!

Where the Crew Meet

Your next great firefighting adventure starts here!

Are you STILL looking to buy a new car?

May we suggest this versatile vehicle? The mobile jail on the back doubles up as a great space for luggage...

Meet the Squad

Donuts and baddies beware...

Where the Squad meet

Oversee the City’s safety, from LCPD HQ!

Get young imaginations flying

Our 4+ Fire and Police sets have mega mechanisms and cool characters that thrill and excite our littlest first responders.
Let’s go