LEGO® Masters

Eiffel tower

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LEGO® Titanic

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Diagon Alley™

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Lion Knights' Castle

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Robot Inventor

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Jazz Club

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LEGO® Iconic Chess Set

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Christmas Tree

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About the show

On September 3, 2022, LEGO® MASTERS will return this time as Saturday entertainment on TV 2 PLAY and TV 2. Imagination and creativity are unleashed as eight new teams of creative LEGO enthusiasts compete to build the most fascinating brick creations in a marathon of building challenges.
LEGO MASTERS is an entertainment program for the whole family. Children, young people and adults alike can once again look forward to watch fascinating LEGO builds come to life where imagination and creativity are only limited by time. Eight very different pairs with much different strengths are let into the Brick Chamber with almost 3 million LEGO bricks.

Tips & tricks

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  • Meet the contestants Troels and Morten

    Team The Priest and the Programmer
    Beginners with thousands of interests, talents and ideas. Know each other from: The LEGO community
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  • Meet the host – Victor Lander

    LEGO® MASTERS is hosted by this actor and stand-up comedian who won the 3rd season of Grandmaster on TV2 and TV2PLAY. He is said to be such a big LEGO fan that, as a child, he was caught stealing LEGO bricks from the SFO.
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How many contestants are there on LEGO® Masters?

In Denmark eight teams of two each compete for the title of LEGO® MASTERS. Some countries have more or less teams, depending on the length of the series.

What’s the prize for winning LEGO® Masters?

Large LEGO® trophy. Winners will also be made as figures to be placed in Miniland, LEGOLAND.

Who hosts LEGO® Masters?

Comedian and actor Victor Lander, who is known from, among other things, "Stormester" on TV 2, is the host of the program, and Søren Dyrhøj is the judge.

Who won LEGO® Masters Season one?

Sæson 1: Magnus Klint Sørensen & Frederik Randbøll Jørgensen.

Where can I watch LEGO® Masters?

TV2 & TV2 Play

How can I be a contestant on LEGO® Masters?

Look out for information about how to apply to be on the show. The best applicants will be invited to an open audition, and the best auditionees will be selected to be on the show. Then you just have to be the best…

How many seasons of LEGO® Masters Denmark are there?

So far, one season of LEGO® MASTERS Denmark has aired, with Season 2 coming soon.

What is LEGO® Masters?

LEGO® MASTERS is an amateur LEGO building competition in which pairs of enthusiast LEGO builders compete in a range of creative challenges. Only one team will win the coveted trophy and be crowned LEGO MASTERS!

How can I become a LEGO® MASTERS judge or Brickmaster?

LEGO® MASTERS Brickmasters are usually LEGO Designers or LCPs (LEGO Certified Professionals). Both will have years of experience working professionally with LEGO bricks, and an incredible working knowledge of the brick.

What is a brickmaster?

The Brickmaster is the judge on LEGO® MASTERS. They are an expert LEGO Builder, with years of LEGO building experience and a keen eye for detail.