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Black Friday weekend is coming on 27/11-30/11Learn more

Discover Awesome Animal Gifts | LEGO® animal toy sets

LEGO® animal sets: Discover creatures to create

Every adventure needs a companion. Perhaps a riddle-solving shark. A sword-wielding crocodile. A horse that can juggle! We’ve got a whole range of LEGO® animal toys to choose from, so there’s an awesome holiday surprise waiting for every animal-loving kid out there.
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Holiday gifts for girls and boys

Deep Sea Creatures

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price130,00 kr.

Animal Picture Holders

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price130,00 kr.

My First Balancing Animals

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Price130,00 kr.

Mia's Horse Trailer

Average rating4out of 5 stars
Price270,00 kr.
Out of stock

Police Dog Unit

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price100,00 kr.

Mighty Dinosaurs

Average rating4.6out of 5 stars
Price130,00 kr.

Ariel's Undersea Castle

Price270,00 kr.
It’s the season of traditions. But not rules.

Check out these creative animal rebuilds

Creatures to create in every box

Awesome toy animals for toddlers

Why do kids love animal toys so much?

From farm animals to unicorn toys, animal gifts bring kids so much joy. Animals are their friends, their confidants, their inspiration. Plus, they’re cute. What’s not to love?

With this in mind, LEGO® animal sets are specially designed to be awesome companions for any adventure. Like all LEGO sets, each has gone through rigorous safety testing, so you can be sure they are as droppable as they are stroke-able, durable as they are inspirational, and unbreakable as they are adorable.

If your kid is crazy about animals, they’ll love our LEGO® dragon sets. Dragons are animals too, right?

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